Without the Priest, There is No Eucharist

2019-01-31- Lickteig, Fr. Anthony

In this talk, Fr. Anthony Lickteig clearly shows the priest’s role in the Eucharist.

  • The priest signifies the Bridegroom (Jesus) at the wedding feast (Eucharist).  
  • God compares Israel to baby (Parent), young girl (Betrothal), & Young women (Preparing for marriage) — washed her with the nuptial bath, anointed her, clothed her, and adorned/crowned her.  Unfortunately, even after that, she betrayed him.  Israel betrayed the lord.  Despite her constant infidelity, our Lord woos his bride again & espouse her to me forever
  • It is like an unfolding story.  In the Old Testament, the Lord (Bridegroom) and Israel (Bride).. In the New Testament, we have the story of Jesus (Bridegroom) and All People (Bride) and understand the significance of the HUPA.  It is re-presented today — Priest (Bridegroom in persona Christi) & Congregation (Bride). The mass and the eucharist, is the consummation of God and people.
  • We can also see it as a Wedding Feast as a foretaste of the Heavenly Wedding Feast. At 1st wedding Adam & Eve, Adam had no $ or possessions to give.  His gift is his own flesh. Jesus too gave his own flesh and like Adam from his rib, Jesus gave from his side.
  • Fr. Anthony gave credit and recommended Brandt Pitre’s book: Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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