True Charity & Poverty of Spirit

In this talk Susan Conroy, defines true charity and what it means to be our in spirit.

  • Jesus in Our Heart — She started off by sharing that she has Jesus in her heart and thus, she feels like a billionaire right now.  He is the treasure of the faithful. Everything else is rubbish.  Knowing, loving, and serving Him is best.  The sweetest privilege of our lives is being one with Him.  
  • Material possessions  We must be careful about how we feel about our material possessions.  We must use them for good.  For example, we can use our home for hospitality and our car and our home to serve others.  We are wired for happiness, but only that which is eternal can truly satisfy us.
  • Saint’s desire fulfilledSaint Therese (The Little Flower) wanted to be a missionary.  She dreamed of it. Mother Teresa fulfilled her dream.
  • Appearance on EWTN — Susan made a guest appearance on TV and was interviewed by Father Mitch Pacwa.  He asked her “Who was the emperor at the time of St. Francis.”  She was embarrassed and had to admit that she did not know.  Father Mitch said “Exactly, nobody knows. But we all know St. Francis today!”  Over time, we may not remember those in high offices, but others will remember and judge us by how well we loved.
  • Mother Teresa’s Secret — What is Mother Teresa’s secret to be able to love so fervently, yet not become depressed or burnt out. She says “My secret is quite simple, I pray.”   We all have unlimited access to God. When you pray, open your heart to God.  It is then that love, peace and joy come in
  • Filled with True Charity — How can someone be filled with true charity?  She said that if you open a shade only an inch, the room is flooded with light.  Open yourself up even just a bit and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.
  • Importance of Human Touch — Susan told a story of an 8 year old child in orphanage who was known as the little terrorist as it was common that he would attack people. When this child rushed towards her, instead of holding him at a distance so that he could not hurt her, she hugged him instead.  He did not know exactly what this was, but he liked it.  Sadly, throughout his time there, he did not know how to ask for love, but the power of human touch brought him peace.  He was starving for it and looked for it again and again after that experience. 
  • In Closing — We have hands to serve and hearts to love.  The power of prayer is inconceivable when God is in our heart. God does not run out of grace and charity because it is ever-lasting.  We need a heart of Jesus so that we can love everyone.