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????, 2022

Dear Ladies and Friends of TASTE,
  • While discussing Neil Lozano's talk, "Unbound," we learned that Resurrection Church in Ellicott City is offering an upcoming Unbound Session.  For more details as this event evolves, see this LINK.  


  • REGISTRATION  As we have completed our 2021/2022 season, we have created the registration for the 2022/2023 season. To help us plan for this upcoming semester, please register using this LINK. It's never too soon to register for next season! Please register now so you don't forget! We look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall.
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please also pray for:
    • All our TASTE sisters, especially Kate Christianson, Katylee McInerney, and Geraldine Broglio.
    • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink as well as all of the priests in the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses, especially those of whom you may have spiritually adopted.
    • Our speakers and their families — especially: 1) Susan Conroy for her health, 2) Colleen Duggan and family, especially baby Caleb and  3) Sister Mary Michael Fox: a special intention concerning her family.
    • Supreme Court Justices and All Judges  Please let us all pray today for wisdom, strength, and courage for our Supreme Court Justices and all judges and for Life to be victorious.
    • New prayer requests can be sent to Joy Parker at joyparker73@gmail.com.


  • FR. SWINK'S WEBSITE  His new website called Quis ut Deus includes information on future retreats, talks, videos, pilgrimages, and recollections.  We have permanently included this LINK on Fr. Swink's speaker page for future reference.
  • USCCB & SUPREME COURT — For a reminder of prayer intentions for the USCCB and Supreme Court, please view this LINK and see UPDATE.
  • LOGISTICS — For a reminder of any information associated with zoom small group, parking, masks, public health, babysitting, or registration, please view this LINK.
  • DONATIONS — For a reminder of how to donate to TASTE or the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord, please view this LINK.
Joy, Michele, Karen, and Teresa
Jesus, I trust in You!




  • Helen Martin, Kate Christianson, Laura Chighizola, Evelyn Dunne
  • Cristl Spicer (daughter of Cathy Homens) and Linda Marcus (mother of Alyssa Andrews).
  • Linda Johnson’s great nephew Dylan who had heart transplant surgery and is not doing well.
  • Donna DeLorenzo who had emergency surgery several weeks ago.
  • Sarah Strauser, 17 year old daughter of a friend of Theresa Williamson, who is suffering greatly from scoliosis and is unable to tolerate pain medications.
  • Sr. Mary Michael's sister Chris who needs a medical miracle from St. Joseph to cure stage 4 cancer in her lungs.


This Week

Each Week, we post a bulletin that contains:

  • LAST WEEK’S TALK — Summary Sheet and Questions from last week’s speaker to support small group discussion
  • UPCOMING TALK / SPEAKER — Reminder of the topic for this week’s talk and short bio of the speaker.
  • UPCOMING EVENTS — Upcoming Catholic events in the local area.
  • SPECIAL REMINDERS — Prayer Requests, Monthly brown bag lunch, Special offers to move excess inventory (e.g., books and bags)