November 3, 2019

Dear Ladies of TASTE,

What a beautiful and special time of prayer we had at our healing Mass last Thursday!  The healing Masses were always very dear to Marian's heart, and we can only imagine that she was praying and rejoicing with us.  A special thank you to the organizers, Karen Giermek and Michele Cardamone as well as the many others who contributed to make the day so wonderful.  The biographies of the saints we venerated as well as photos from our day can be found on  the  HEALING MASS    tab of our website.

The healing Mass left us well prepared to move in to All Saints Days and pray for the intercession of the entire community of saints, even those who have not been made known to us through canonization.  On All Soul Day we remembered Marian and our other TASTE sisters (Anne McPherson, Jo Ebling, Eileen Stewardt, Debbie VanLandingham and Alethea Patterson) who have left the Church Militant.  We ask for their prayers for us, and we rejoice in the knowledge that we all continue to be united as members of the Communion of Saints!

Let us never tire of thanking and praising our Heavenly Father for the blessings he has bestowed upon us through our Catholic Faith!


This week at TASTE

  • We will begin our day with a brief ceremony for our Spiritual Adoption of priests and nuns.  If you signed up in advance, you will be given a card with the name of the priest or sister you will be praying for over the next year.  Questions can be directed to  Jennifer Dougherty at or 240-522-1596.  If this is your first year signing up, make sure to pick up the TASTE Praying for Priests spiral bound booklet.  It is also available as a pdf on our website at PRIEST PRAYERBOOK.  
  • We welcome Kristen Fisher, a local youth minister, who will share from the depth of her experience about how to "Evangelizing Our Youth."
  • The Sisters are returning to care for our children and your donations of food and cash will be gratefully received.  

Special prayer request for:

  • Please prayer for TASTE sister, Linda Johnson, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  (Linda is the person that has been making CD's for TASTE all these years)

Special Reminders 

Upcoming Events in the Area

  • "Love and Mercy: Faustina," a docudrama produced by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception follows the incredible call of St. Faustina to religious life and the healing effects of this message on countless people around the world.  Selected one day showings in local theaters (10/28/10 and 12/2/19)
Blessings! Carolyn & Joy
Jesus, I Trust in You!