In his talk, Fr. Kilner tell us that Thessalonians is a letter from pastor to people which pours out love for them and yearns for people’s salvation.

  • PAROUSIA — He explained the theology of the PAROUSIA is referring to our lord’s 2nd coming.  Eschatology is the study of the reality of the 4 last things: death, judgment, Heaven, and hell. Words used at this time appeared to make it seem imminent. What happens when a person dies is their individual judgement.  What happens at the end of time is the General Eschatology
  • Moral Exhortation & the Coming Judgment — In this book, St. Paul jumps between Moral Exhortation and the Coming Judgment.  He clearly connects the two.  There will be a reckoning and we will be judged on what we love. Those who share with neighbor will be saved; Whoever disregards the laws will not be in heaven. When we love him, the law makes sense. Element of Fear, but most of all Love.
  • Good QuoteS — St. Ignatius said “Pray as though everything depended on God, work as thought everything depended on you.”  Pope Benedict said our Church will be smaller and stronger.

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