The Truth of our Fertility – A Gynecologist Personal Journey

2019-02-07- Duane, Dr. Marguerite

In this talk, Dr. Duane described her journey from academically-educated gynecologist to truth-driven educator. 

  • She spoke of the moment when her conscious kicked in and suddenly she could no longer prescribe birth control pills. She also discussed her surprise when she learned that there were natural and effective methods for birth control that had no side effects.  That began her ministry to educate those in the medical profession and God has clearly blessed her ministry.
  • When medical professional quote effective rates, they lump all these methods together rather than stratifying the data to show that these newer methods are so much more effective.  Studies show that they are even effective for women with only elementary school education as in India.
  • The reason these newer natural methods are effective because they no longer use past data to project future fertility which cannot take into account current stress and health, but rather they use current data.  
  • It is interesting that  so many people today are health conscious and buy Non-GMO food.  Yet, they have not yet fully grasped the contradiction in taking hormones in the pill which not only affects the woman taking it, but it also gets into our drinking water and affects hormones of all.
  • Finally, she talked about these natural methods are not only good for managing fertility, but assists doctors in understanding broader health issues.  She encourages women to download information from their web site to share with her doctor. 

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