The Truth of Marriage

2019-01-17- Gurnee, Fr. Bill

In this talk, Fr. Gurnee provided insights from his many years preparing couples for marriage.  

  • First, he talked about the concept of presence and noted that to have a good marriage, we must be present for one another and we must invite God into our marriage.  
  • Second, he spoke about putting our trust in God.  He explained that wives and mothers are taught to be good and dutiful and they often carry the world on their shoulders.  He reminded us of the words in the Nuptial Blessing.  “May her husband entrust his heart to her, so that, acknowledging her as his equal and his joint heir to the life of grace, he may show her due honor and cherish her always with the love that Christ has for his Church.”  
  • Finally, he talked about pain in the church.  He shared key points from an article entitled “Is Your Church a Family?  Five ways to help it be a healthy one.  Essentially, the advice for a church can be applied to advice for a family.  
  • In summary, Fr. Gurnee shared advice given by his spiritual director. ”You are engaged in a battle for your soul.  You didn’t ask for it, you didn’t start it, but it is real.  Now, you have to take part.  Your only part is to run from the voice of the Evil One.  When you hear that voice, you don’t engage it, you don’t analyze it, you don’t try to defeat it, you run away from it. You merely run as fast as you can away from it and towards the voice of the Father” ~ Fr. Jim Rafferty

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