The Truth About Abortion & the Impact on Women

2019-05-02- Bonopartis, Theresa

In her talk, Teresa Bonopartis shared her story personal story and her ministry.

  • HER PAST: Teresa openly shared her story of an unplanned pregnancy at age 17 and the pressure she felt to have an abortion. Like other women, her life was significantly affected by this event.
  • HER MINISTRY: Theresa is the co-developer (with The Sisters of Life) of “Entering Canaan – a Sacramental Journey to an Inheritance of Mercy”— a post abortion ministry which consists of day retreats, weekends, monthly gatherings and special retreats.This ministry helps women, men, couples, and sibling deal with the aftermath of abortion and find God’s love and mercy.
  • HER REVELATIONS: Recently, she became more aware that one can one can unconsciously bring pride into one’s ministry and we need God’s help to grow the virtue of humility. In her case, it was literally falling off a horse that began this awareness. Since then and with much prayer and reflection (specifically the Humility Prayer), she has been asking God to give her the heart of the tax collector. She has seen the fruits of this awareness.

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