The Bible

2019-01-24- Lewis, Fr. Patrick

In this talk, Fr. Lewis explains that scripture is God’s revelation of Himself.  

  • First, he explained that people today are seeking truth.  Amongst young people, there is a growing realization that this is not working and they need truth and they are beginning to find it in the Bible. 
  • Second, he reminds us that the proper place to interpret it is within the context of a community of believes and through the light of faith.  
  • How did we get the bible?  It took the authority of the church over time to argue for and set forth which books of he bible are inspired.  it took Bishops and was not settled until the 4th century.  
  • The criteria for the canon of approved books was established in the synod of Hippo in 393.  It had to: have apostolic foundation,  be from that period, be used in liturgy, be orthodox and faithful to teachings of Christ and Church.
  • The bible is God’s reading list which includes a variety of genre of literature.  If we know they type of book we are reading, then we can mine the truths.  
  • He recommended 3 authors: 1) Scott Hahn: The Lamb’s Supper, 2) Peter Kreeft:  You Can Understand the Bible: A Practical Guide to Each Book in the Bible, 3) Matthew Kelly
  • He also recommended the Museum of the Bible and Jeff Cavins’ The Great Adventure.

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