Bulletin, On-Line, and Pulpit Announcements


The TASTE Program is a Women’s Catholic Ministry which started in 2007.  Each week during the school year, we have: 1) dynamic and inspirational Catholic speakers (including EWTN guests, popular Catholic authors, and Priests from across the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses) and 2) small group discussions.  We are looking to announce our upcoming season in the weeks leading up to our kick-off session on September 21st and could use your assistance.


To help additional women learn about it, might you consider announcing it in your bulletin, electronic message board, flock notes, or Facebook page?  Below are 3 options: 1) Short Blurb, 2) Half Page or Square Image, 3) Full Page.

We would appreciate you including the “Short Blurb” in your communications EACH of the weeks between now and our kickoff session on 9/21.

However, if there is ever a week where you might have extra room, would you please consider including any of the other images in place of the Short Blurb.

Short Blurb - Paragraph Style

Below is a JPEG Image to include in a column of the bulletin

‎Bulletin Before New

While we would appreciate it if you can copy and paste the picture with the maroon border into your bulletin, if you can't and need the text itself, here it is:

COME AND SEE - Looking for ways to grow close to Jesus and learn more about our Faith?

The TASTE Program (a Catholic Women’s ministry) offers dynamic weekly speakers and small group discussion beginning Thurs, September 21st with Fr. Larry Swink.

Vetted childcare is available. Women from 60+ parishes have attended — Come See Why!

For more information, we invite you to visit our website: www.TasteProgram.com

Half-Page Ad or Square Image

‎Postcard 2023 Final
‎Postcard 2023 Square

Full-Page Ad

‎Poster 2023:2024 Final


Additionally, if you might be able to include a short statement during your pulpit announcements, that would be very much appreciated.  Here’s some words that can be shared.  

“Looking for ways to grow closer to Jesus and learn more about your Catholic Faith? The TASTE Program (a Catholic Women’s ministry) offers weekly inspirational speakers and small group discussion beginning Thursday, September 21st. For more information, you may pick up a postcard in the vestibule, scan the QR code listed in the bulletin, or go to  www.TasteProgram.com."


If you need any additional information about this ministry, please see www.TasteProgram.com.  If you have any technical questions about how to download the images or want to talk to us about it, please call Michele @ 410-960-4959 or respond to the person who sent you the email.

Thank You for Supporting TASTE