Please note that we believe this list is more than can be done in our 1 month allotment.  However, we are happy for your team to work only those that fit into the month and carry over those that go beyond our monthly installment to future months.  We will take an action to revisit the list each month and continue to prioritize any new additions.
    We would also like to set up a consultation with you as a seperate fee to address some issues that we are facing related to migrating away from our other sites and some potential unintended consequences.  We need to technical guidance on this and believe we would benefit from your greater understanding.

    • Carolyn -- Would you like to explain this in more detail?


    Can we make all of the emails go to ___
    Can you show us how to edit this page (specifically where are the email addresses listed?)
    We have taken steps to transition away from that old web site.  However, when the user clicks the button to order, they still go to the old site.  Can you rebuild just the "core" of that page in our new framework.  If you set up the ability to purchase either book, at any quantity with the choices currently available (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) along with Pay Pal, we would appreciate it.  Please note the system needs to provide a 10% discount for buying 3 of more of the same book to the same address.

    • Joy and Carolyn -- Currently, it looks like to get the wholesale price for 48 or more, they need to send an email to  Do we still want to do that or do we want to allow them to use this system for that too?


    We would like to replace the video that is on the old site onto the first sub-link under Cookbooks (e.g. Overview).  We know how to include it like we did for all of the videos under gallery, but we don't know how to present it like they did in that old site.  Can you tell us how to do that?

    • Carolyn -- I think I looked this up already on the tutorials, but I want to confirm that before we include this.


    Could you make the grey blocks white
    Could you bulletize the locations and make it more narrow to allow more width for the title of the talks.
    I need to better understand why portraits show up differently on this page.  I am not sure that I am doing wrong.
    Please reorder 1) Position, 2) location, 3) talks, 4) web links.
    Please also drop the type of speaker from this page (e.g. Laity).
    Can you make all of the headings gold to also include "BIO"
    Given that we want them to be able to pay for Cookbooks by credit card, would this be a good time to add a 4th option for donations by credit card as well?