Young, Fr. Larry




  • Fr. Larry Young is a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington DC and serves as the Pastor of St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church in Laurel, MD. He was ordained in 2003.
  • Fr. Larry has a special love of the Sacred Scriptures and routinely offers Bible Study classes both in person and through his on-line videos.
  • Most recently, he offered “Waypoint — A Faith Expedition” to help parishioners overcome faults and sins with proven, practical skills from the 12 step program.  Fr. Larry encourages his parishioners to bring their sense of adventure and the desire for a summit of real growth.
  • Fr. Larry works with the Deacons, the staff, all the volunteers, and parishioners to keep St. Mary of the Mills moving and growing in the living out of its mission.
    • “St. Mary of the Mills Parish is a Catholic community in solidarity with the Universal Church and centered in Christ Jesus. We are dedicated to spreading the Gospel message through the Word, the Sacraments, and by being authentic images of Christ. Within our diverse, faith-filled community we use our gifts to love, support, and serve the Church and God’s children. “
  • A big part of his work as pastor is to work with the administrators and teachers of the schools to educate the students and form them as disciples of Christ.
  • Fr. Larry lives out his vocation of the priesthood that the Lord has given him by merging his life with the lives of so many others on this great adventure together. He believes in mutually encouraging each other’s faith (Rom 1:12).


  • Pastor of St. Mary of the Mills Church, Laurel, MD


  • Archdiocese of Washington

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