Brinkmann, Susan

Susan Brinkmann N


  • SUMMARY:  Susan Brinkmann, O.C.D.S., author and award-winning journalist is a member of the Third Order of Discalced Carmelites. She is the Director of Communications and New Age Research for Women of Grace® and is a frequent guest on EWTN’s Women of Grace® television and radio show. She is currently serving as co-founder of “Live Catholic — a 501(c)3 corporation founded by members of the Order of Secular Discalced Carmelite Seculars (OCDS) devoted to infusing the world with the truth and splendor of the authentic Catholic mystical tradition as revealed by the Carmelite saints and spiritual masters of the Church. She formerly worked as a Correspondent for the Catholic Standard & Times, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
  • RESEARCHER:  For the last 10 years she has been the lead researcher for Women of Grace’s New Age Q&A Blog which is the largest blog of its kind in the world. The library of information now exceeds 1200 entries on everything from acupuncture and angels to wicca and yoga.
  • AUTHOR:  She has also authored numerous books, including:
    • The Learn to Discern Compendium: Is It Christian or New Age which has an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
    • We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl which is her conversion story published by Liguori Publications
    • Young Women of Grace Study Program / Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity which she co-authored with Johnnette Benkovic.  This book teaches girls ages 13+ about what it means to be authentically feminine.
    • A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness, published by Avila Institute, which has an imprimatur from the Diocese of Birmingham. In this book, she warns of the dangers of the latest Eastern meditation fad and offers Catholics a deeper, holier path rooted in the wisdom of the saints and doctors of the Church.
    • With God Alone: Contemplative Prayer for Everyday People
    • Day by Day in the Little Way: 365 Reflections on the Teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux
    • Live the Little Way: A Practical Guide to Living the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood
    • Like a Catholic series and includes: 1) Pray Like a Catholic: A Study of the Four Stages of Prayer According to the Teachings of St. Teresa of Avila, 2) Live Like a Catholic: A Study of the Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila, 3) Fight Like a Catholic: Spiritual Warfare in the Catholic Tradition Kindle Edition, and 4) Mindful Like a Catholic: A Catholic Approach to Mindful Living
  • AWARDS:  Susan Brinkmann’s national journalism awards include the Bernadine-O’Connor Award for Pro-Life Journalism, the Eileen Egan Journalism Award from Catholic Relief Services, and numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association and the Philadelphia Press Association.
  • TRANSITION:  Once a New Age feminist, Susan Brinkmann now devotes her life and talents to building up the Church and tearing down the culture of death, and is pleased that the Lord has called her to LHLA/Women of Grace to continue this vocation.
  • PERSONAL:  Susan is single and writes from her home in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. She knows what it’s like to seek happiness in all the wrong places and has dedicated her life to sharing the good news of the Catholic faith.