Seith, Joni

Joni Seith


  • OVERALL:  Joni J. Seith is a convert to Catholicism from a culturally Jewish background whose conversion story has been published in Envoy Magazine and shared on EWTN’s Journey Home program and presented in detail in her book Pain of Grace: Living and Suffering with Dignity.
  • AUTHOR / ILLUSTRATOR:  Joni is the author and illustrator of Cloud of Witnesses I and II, and was the Founder and President of Biblically Correct, Inc from 1995 – 2010 and was a member of the Catholic Marketing Network.
  • SPEAKER / TEACHER:  As a speaker on the subjects of Redemptive Suffering, prayer, the saints, miracles and her own conversion story, Joni enjoys sharing her love for the Catholic Church and Her teachings to people of all ages and faiths. Joni has given Lenten Retreat talks both to Catholic and non-Catholics alike and has taught Theology of the Body to teens and provides spiritual guidance to women. She has also taught RCIA classes as well as CCD.
  • PERSONAL SUFFERING: Although Joni suffers with a chronic debilitating pain and deteriorating condition called Ehlers Danlos, it hasn’t stopped her from spreading the joy of the Gospel which Jesus has handed down through His Suffering Bride, the Church. Joni’s candid and unique joy-filled way of seeing God in and through the sufferings in her life is both inspirational and contagious.
  • EDUCATION: Joni earned a BS Degree in Art Education from the University of Maryland and an MSP Degree in Psychology from IPS/Divine Mercy University.
  • ARTIST:  Prior to marriage, she taught Art and co-led group therapy at Edgemeade of Maryland, a residential treatment center for severely troubled adolescent boys. She is a mixed media artist who also enjoys art journaling.
  • FAMILY LIFE:  Joni and her husband Deacon Bob Seith are the proud parents of four grown children and four amazing grandchildren. They live in Bowie, Maryland.



  • Author / Illustrator
  • EWTN Guest
  • Speaker / Teacher
  • Artist


  • Bowie, MD

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