Rien, Paige

‎Paige Rien


  • OVERALL: Paige Rien is a designer, former HGTV-host, author, speaker, mother to four, and convert to the Catholic faith, not necessarily in that order.
  • DESIGNER: As an interior designer and passionate home lover, Paige wants you to love where you live and believes you can do the work to get there. She consults with families all over the world to make interior design accessible, friendly, and multidimensional, encouraging clients to bring their whole selves into creating a home. Paige was one of two designers on HGTV’s top-rated Hidden Potential for five seasons. She also appeared on HGTV’s Curb Appeal and was the winner of Pier’s 1 Imports’ Design & Conquer Challenge in 2011, a contest featured on YouTube in four webisodes. When she is not working on a television project, she is helping others make real changes in their homes with a dynamic, creative, and spiritual approach to home improvement, or diving into the next project in her own home outside Washington, DC.
  • SPIRITUAL: Paige is chiefly interested in the intersection of the home and our personal path to holiness. Her first book, Love the House You’re In, (Roost Books, March 2016) encouraged readers to treat their homes as sacred spaces to express who they really are and nourish their families.
  • FAMILY:  Paige lives in Maryland with her husband, Francis, and their children.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: She can be found on Instagram @paigerien and on Facebook.com/lovethehouseyourein.
  • BOOKS:  Her Book: Revived and Renovated


  • Designer
  • Former HGTV-Host
  • Author / Speaker
  • Mother
  • Convert to the Catholic Faith


  • Washington, DC

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