Price, Mark (VIDEO)



  • NOTE:  Although Mark Price was not a live speaker for TASTE, we played a video of him portraying St. Joseph.
  • Since 1974 – as an Evangelist, Educator and Actor, an award winning radio commentator, author, business executive, elected community leader and even a Shakespearean trained actor, Mark Price brings a compelling presence and rare depth to his presentations. He combines his theatrical background with his speaking experience. Mark performs 7 historical men of our Faith: Saint Joseph, Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, Doubting Thomas, Saint Paul, St Luke and St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Mark’s desire is reigniting the Faith in those who still attend but have perhaps lapsed in the level of their belief and participation. Mark works to accomplish this through talks and performances of and about the lives, from a human perspective, of historical religious figures. His goal is to draw parallels between the human frailties and failures of historical figures and how they addressed those shortcomings and how we might learn to deal with similar issues in our own lives.
  • He is not only a cradle Catholic but likes to refer to himself as a “Creedle” Catholic as the Creed has been foundational in his faith.




  • Evangelist
  • Educator and Actor
  • Author
  • Radio Commentator


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