Leon, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Leon N


  • Elizabeth Leon is a Catholic wife, mother, author, and speaker from Ashburn, Virginia.
  • She has been a leader in ministry and faith formation for more than twenty-five years and inspires others to find freedom and healing in Christ through her speaking and writing.
  • Her gift is her willingness to be vulnerable and love with a heart wide-open despite the brokenness of divorce, adultery, death, and abuse.
  • She and her husband, Ralph, are the parents of 10 children, 5 of hers, 4 of his, and their son, John Paul Raphael who died in 2018.
  • The Lord used the death of her son to lead her to freedom and to teach her to let herself be loved.
  • She is passionate about spreading this mission to inspire others to find freedom through healing in Christ.



  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Wife & Mother
  • Freedom-Fighter
  • Beloved Daughter of the King


  • Ashburn, Virginia

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