Leon, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Leon N


  • AUTHOR/SPEAKER: Elizabeth Leon is a Catholic wife, mother, author, and speaker from Ashburn, Virginia.  
  • MINISTRY LEADER: She has been a leader in ministry and faith formation for more than twenty-five years and inspires others to find freedom and healing in Christ through her speaking and writing.
  • VULNERABLE/LOVING:  Her gift is her willingness to be vulnerable and love with a heart wide-open despite the brokenness of divorce, adultery, death, and abuse.
  • FAMILY LIFE:  She and her husband, Ralph, are the parents of 10 children, 5 of hers, 4 of his, and their son, John Paul Raphael who died in 2018.
  • HEALING/FREEDOM:  The Lord used the death of her son to lead her to freedom and to teach her to let herself be loved. She is passionate about spreading this mission to inspire others to find freedom through healing in Christ.



  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Wife & Mother
  • Freedom-Fighter
  • Beloved Daughter of the King


  • Ashburn, Virginia