Huebner, Fr. Christian




Life before the seminary:

  • Fr. Huebner grew up in Nebraska with three younger sisters, two great parents and many cats and dogs who all seemed to meet untimely ends.  He went to college in Minnesota (St. Olaf) and then attended Yale Law School.  It was during law school that he became a Catholic.  After graduating, he worked in Texas for a year, then moved to DC for a job with a law firm.

What convinced him to enter the seminary:

  • Fairly early on after being received into the Church, the thought of becoming a priest occurred to him, and both fascinated and terrified him.  Fr. Huebner spent a fair amount of time trying to convince himself that it wasn’t want he wanted to do, but the Lord was persistent.  Even though he had a very good life as a young professional in DC, it wasn’t enough.  He knew deep down hea wasn’t living the adventure of life to it’s fullest, in the way the Lord wanted for him.
  • Fr. Huebner was blessed with good spiritual direction and good friends.  Under their influence, he developed a habit of prayer, which tended to grow.  At a certain point, he came to a cross-roads at work, in his personal life and with the “seminary question.”  In a moment of simple prayer, he finally said “yes” to the possibility the Lord was holding out to him.  At that moment, he received a profound in-flooding of peace, and he was on his way.

Other interests: 

  • Fr. Huebner learned how to be Catholic in many respects through feasting, and there are few things he enjoys as much as hosting or attending a big Sunday brunch, all the fixings, with good conversation, and perhaps some music and poetry.  He also enjoys running, college football, a great book with a cup of tea, Christmas caroling and essay writing.





  • Parochial Vicar, St. Mary of the Mills, Laurel, MD


  • Archdiocese of Washington

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