Brigid, Sr. Mary




Sister Mary Brigid Burnham entered the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia of Nashville in 1991, following a call she heard from the love in Jesus’ Heart.

One of ten children, she learned much about the beauty of women from her mother, who showed her daughters what God sees and how to overcome society’s lies on how we should look and act.

Happily teaching, speaking, writing lessons and stories, and staging drama productions, she has lived out her vocation to be a Bride of Christ in the modern Church. In her vocation, she has learned about God’s love for us and God’s love that is poured into us. In teaching high school, she delights in helping teens to understand their inherent dignity, and learning from them to embrace her own.

Sister Mary Brigid taught at Bishop Byrne in Memphis from 2003-2007.

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  • Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
  • Teacher
  • Speaker / Writer


  • Nashville, TN

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