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Recipes for Life: A Catholic Family Cookbook


includes over 80 Saint Bios



Our Cookbooks are awesome!

Contains short biographies of saints and great, family friendly recipes. A must for every kitchen!

Our goal is to get a cookbook into every Catholic home while schools earn much needed funds for their programs.

Recipes for Life Cookbook

Recipes for Life (our first cookbook) was published in 2009 and includes:

  • Over 300 delicious tried and true recipes (kid-tested too!)
  • Simple biographies on over 80 saints
  • Motivational tips on what your family can do to imitate the Saints
  • Teaching on the process of canonization
  • Eucharistic quotes sprinkled throughout
  • Over 350 pages
  • Catholic “Family Circus” Dividers
  • An international conversion table and a list of different terminology is included