Year: 2015 / 2016

Theme: Be Still!

"Be still before the Lord; Wait for God." ~ Psalms 37:7

2015-09-10Waiting For the Lord … With Perseverance, Patience, and PurposeSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2015-09-17From Father Wound to the Heart of God, the FatherScott, Fr Philip
2015-09-24Meaning of the MassAlar, Fr. Chris
2015-10-01Is Faith for Dummies?Baron, Fr. Mark
2015-10-08Outside the Church There is No Salvation. What does that really mean?Sammons, Eric
2015-10-15Growing Up in God’s ImageSmith, Carolyn
2015-10-29Teachable MomentsHicks, Marybeth
2015-11-05Life of Fulton SheenConnor, Fr. Charles
2015-11-12The Glory of the CrusadesWeidenkopf, Steve
2015-11-19Who Are the AngelsMiravalle, John-Mark
2015-12-03Pray Like a CatholicBrinkmann, Susan
2015-12-10The Kingdom of GodAnichukwu, Fr. Anthony
2016-01-14Breath of God – Living a Life Led by the Holy SpiritPivonka, Fr. Dave
2016-01-28In Defense of Human Life & Holy MarriageRuse, Cathy
2016-02-04Preparing Our Hearts for Lent: The Lenten JourneyHolmer, Rev. Scott
2016-02-11Chautard’s The Soul of the ApostolateSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2016-02-18The Life of Christ SheenConnor, Fr. Charles
2016-02-25St. John of the Cross’ Spiritual CanticleBrigid, Sr. Mary
2016-03-03DeCaussade’s Abandonment Divine ProvidenceFlum, Fr. Martin
2016-03-10Introduction to the Devout LifeKeimig, Bill
2016-03-17St. Therese’s Story of a SoulArnold, Fr. Erik
2016-04-07Teaching How Jesus Taught: How Stories will save our culture, our children, and the Church!Arroyo, Raymond
2016-04-14Finding Joy in Our JourneyAeiparthenos, Mother Maria
2016-04-21The one who has hope lives and dies differentlyLopicolo, Christa
2016-04-28The Year of Mercy: United in His Love!McCormack, Fr. Jim
2016-05-05Catholic Year in Review: Major Events in Catholicism 2015-2016Anderson, Mary Jo