Year: 2011 / 2012

Theme: Set Apart for God!

"He who called you is holy, be holy yourself in every aspect of your conduct"
~ 1 Peter 1:15
"Without holiness, we will not see the Lord"
~ Hebrews 12:14

2011-09-15Being Catholic – Set Apart for GodSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2011-09-22A Look at Some of the Traditions We DoRegan, Fr. Kevin
2011-09-29Redeeming Economics: Rediscovering The Missing ElementMueller, John D.
2011-10-06The Charisms of the Holy SpiritWells, Fr. David
2011-10-13What’s So Great About The Mass?Morrow, Fr. T.G.
2011-10-27Being Sober And Alert With The Issue of Internet PornographyKolf, Fr. Gerry
2011-11-10I Thirst… Understanding What Jesus SaidJustice, Deacon Brandon
2011-11-17Praying with the Gospels at the School of Mary, Woman of the WordRogers, Fr. Joseph
2011-12-01The War on Women: The Overpopulation Myth ExposedMosher, Steven
2011-12-08The Power of PrayerHamm, Mary
2012-01-12My Conversion Story and Firm Belief In CelibacyGriffin, Fr. Carter
2012-01-19The Seven Sorrows of MaryCoan, Fr. Greg
2012-01-26I am Pro-Life Whats Wrong With IVFBruchalski, Dr. John
2012-02-02Finding The Word In The WordSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2012-02-09Weaving The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy into Our LivesGurnee, Fr. Bill
2012-02-16Lenten Retreat – Get More Out of LentParis, Fr. Mike
2012-02-23Lenten Series: the Bible and its Life in the ChurchKeimig, Bill
2012-03-01The Different Translations — Which One Is BestKeimig, Bill
2012-03-08Praying Bible with Lectio DivinaKeimig, Bill
2012-03-15The Backbone of Scriptures – The 6 Key CovenantsKeimig, Bill
2012-03-22Scripture — Its Central Theme And InterpretationKeimig, Bill
2012-03-29Common Scriptural Misunderstandings and Forum Q&AKeimig, Bill
2012-04-19Our Journey — Walking With Jesus On The Road To EmmausLeary, Fr. Daniel
2012-04-25Archbishop Fulton Sheen — A Prophet For Our TimesApostoli, Fr. Andrew
2012-04-26Fatima for TodayApostoli, Fr. Andrew
2012-05-03Christian Art — A Window To the Soul — A Pathway to HeavenSullivan, Dr. Jem