Year: 2010 / 2011

Theme: Be Strong with the Strength of God

"Be strong with the strength of God" ~ St. Pope John Paul II

2010-09-16The Spirit of DiscipleshipStokes, Fr. Harry
2010-09-23The Beatitudes — The New Attitude of the ChristianSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2010-09-30Marriage — Ideal or OrdealKozlowski, Fr. John
2010-10-07Jesus Tells Us Not To Judge — What Does That Really MeanWilson, Msgr. Mike
2010-10-14The Extraordinary Form of the MassLaHood, Fr. Thomas
2010-10-21Our Lady’s Secrets Revealed — The Messages of Fatima and LourdesOlsen, Fr. John
2010-10-28Godly Strength — Practicing The Human VirtuesHegnauer, Fr. Ted
2010-11-11Pro-Life Hero — Fr. Paul Schenck Tells His StorySchenck, Fr. Paul
2010-11-18Purgatory — It’s Not A Dead IssueSwink, Fr. Larry C.
2010-12-02Advent Retreat — His Presence — The Gift That Keeps On GivingLeary, Fr. Daniel
2010-12-09St. Joseph… The Silent WitnessPanula, Fr. Arne
2011-01-13The Hidden Power of WomenRivero, Fr. Jordi
2011-01-20Consoling The Heart of JesusGaitley, Fr. Michael
2011-02-02Stress Martha and Mary — Bethany Comes to LaurelBruchalski, Dr. John
2011-02-17Perseverance and Love St Monica StyleHamm, Mary
2011-02-24Be Holy — A Catholics Guide To The Spiritual LifeMorrow, Fr. T.G.
2011-03-03Lenten Retreat — Prodigal Children Coming HomeLeary, Fr. Daniel
2011-03-10The Catechism of The Catholic Church — Session 1Keimig, Bill
2011-03-17The Catechism of the Catholic Church — Session 2Keimig, Bill
2011-03-24The Catechism of the Catholic Church — Session 3Keimig, Bill
2011-03-31The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 4Keimig, Bill
2011-04-07The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 5Keimig, Bill
2011-04-14The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 6Keimig, Bill
2011-05-05Exploring Islam Through Christian EyesKineke, Genevieve