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Questions and Answers with Fr. Swink2022-05-05Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Leading Like Judith: How We Can Bring Peace to Our Times2022-04-28Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
The Little Way & Opus Dei: Therese & Josemaria 2022-04-07Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Ignatian Spirituality: The Spiritual Exercises2022-03-31Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Franciscan: Francis, Clare, Bonaventure, Kolbe 2022-03-24Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Benedictine Spirituality: Lectio Divina & the Monk Life 2022-03-17Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Dominican Spirituality: The Rosary & More! 2022-03-10Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Prayer in the Gospels: The Lord’s Prayer & The Jesus Prayer2022-03-03Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Blessed, Broken, Given: Living a Eucharistic Life2022-02-24Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Hungering for God2022-02-17Fisher, KristenPast Talkpast-talk
Intimacy with God’s Word2022-02-10Osuagwu SDS, Fr. VirginusPast Talkpast-talk
Heroic Virtue2022-02-03Yeager, Fr. VincentPast Talkpast-talk
Getting Unbound: The Five Keys to Freedom in Christ2022-01-27Lozano, MatthewPast Talkpast-talk
Unequally Yoked: Getting the Marriage you Want from the Marriage you Have2022-01-20Owens, DamonPast Talkpast-talk
A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living More 2022-01-13Fatzinger, SamPast Talkpast-talk
Jesus, the Prince of Peace 2021-12-09Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Is There Room for Him in Your Inn? 2021-12-02Mbanude, Fr. EbukaPast Talkpast-talk
St Joseph – In His Own Words – The Desert Collection2021-11-18Price, Mark (VIDEO)Past Talkpast-talk
Spe Salve: On Christian Hope (Revisited)2021-11-11Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Spiritual Combat2021-11-04Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Why I Love the Unlovable Church2021-10-28Watson, JoanPast Talkpast-talk
Al Schwartz: An American Superhero and Future Saint2021-10-21Wells, KevinPast Talkpast-talk
The 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice2021-10-14Duggan, ColleenPast Talkpast-talk
Know St. Joseph as Your Spiritual Father2021-10-07Barry, Fr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
The Power of Confession2021-09-30Foggo, Fr. ShaunPast Talkpast-talk
Called to Be Light in the Darkness2021-09-23Pope, Msgr. CharlesPast Talkpast-talk
The Little Way to Surrender2021-04-29Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Thy Will Be Done2021-04-22Huebner, Fr. ChristianPast Talkpast-talk
The Real Story of Catholic History2021-04-15Weidenkopf, StevePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Forgiveness2021-03-25Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Action2021-03-18Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Speaking the Truth2021-03-11Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Suffering2021-03-04Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Discernment & Decisions2021-02-25Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Be Not Afraid – In Prayer2021-02-18Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Going into the Desert with Jesus2021-02-11Young, Fr. LarryPast Talkpast-talk
Questions and Answers2021-02-04Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Godhead Here in Hiding: Discovering the Poetic Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas2021-01-28Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Surrendering the Person I Am to the Person I Ought to Be2021-01-21Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Good Grief! I’m Still Not a Saint!2021-01-14Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Rest and the Discipline of Delight2020-12-10Miravalle, John-MarkPast Talkpast-talk
O Come Let Us Adore Him!2020-12-03Buening, Fr. MattPast Talkpast-talk
Gratitude: Good for the Brain, Good for the Soul2020-11-19Fisher, KristenPast Talkpast-talk
Your Life is a Pilgrimage

2020-11-12Watson, JoanPast Talkpast-talk
Living the Beatitudes — More Joyfully, Faithfully, and Lovingly

2020-11-05Mbanude, Fr. EbukaPast Talkpast-talk
Be Brave in the Scared: How I Learned to Trust God during the Most Difficult Days of My Life

2020-10-29Lenaburg, MaryPast Talkpast-talk
The End of the Present World and Heaven2020-10-22Conroy, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Fostering Holiness in Children2020-10-15Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary

2020-10-08Akwa, Fr. MauricePast Talkpast-talk
Fatima for Our Times2020-10-01Alar, Fr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
Engaging the Mystery and Ministry of Angels for a Deeper Catholic Experience

2020-09-24Osuagwu SDS, Fr. VirginusPast Talkpast-talk
Surrender and Be Refreshed! Praying In This New “Normal”

2020-09-17Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Called To Perfection…Who Me? (previously recorded)

2020-05-09Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Hiking the Camino (previously recorded)

2020-04-30Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
Authentic Femininity in a #MeToo Age2020-04-23Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Lent–Prayer: Three Alternative Talks Posted2020-04-02Cancellation Speaker 2019/2020Past Talkpast-talk
Praying Bible with Lectio Divina (previously recorded)

2020-03-26Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Link to: Prayer & Prayer Life2020-03-19Cancellation Speaker 2019/2020Past Talkpast-talk
Discerning God’s Will For Your Life 2020-03-12Huebner, Fr. ChristianPast Talkpast-talk
Prayer: Hearing the Voice of God 2020-03-05Lickteig, Fr. AnthonyPast Talkpast-talk
Lent–Overcoming our Root Sins 2020-02-27Novotny, HollyPast Talkpast-talk
Preparing our Hearts for Lent 2020-02-20Gurnee, Fr. BillPast Talkpast-talk
Intentional and Missional Living in a Secular World 2020-02-13Ptomey, JessicaPast Talkpast-talk
Keeping Your Young Adults Catholic 2020-02-06Walsh, Fr. RobertPast Talkpast-talk
The Mission of the Laity: Providence in Purpose 2020-01-30Regan, Fr. KevinPast Talkpast-talk
Setting Healthy and Loving Boundaries2020-01-23Cardamone, MichelePast Talkpast-talk
The Grace of Pain: Embracing Suffering 2020-01-16Seith, Fr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
How Catholics Can Save America 2019-12-12Tenney, MikePast Talkpast-talk
Advent Prep — God’s Gift of the Christ Child 2019-12-05Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic 2019-11-21Duggan, ColleenPast Talkpast-talk
The Catholic Alternative to Mindfulness 2019-11-14Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Evangelizing our Youth 2019-11-07Fisher, KristenPast Talkpast-talk
Journeying through Grief with the Foundation of Hope 2019-10-24Sliker, LisaPast Talkpast-talk
Daughters of the King 2019-10-17Conroy, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Beauty and the Joy of the Catholic Life 2019-10-10Miravalle, John-MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Abide in Me so Your Joy Will be Complete 2019-10-03Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Healing Our Culture Through the Holiness of Our Priests 2019-09-26Wells, KevinPast Talkpast-talk
Living Our Catholic Faith in a Secular World 2019-09-19Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Truth About Abortion & the Impact on Women2019-05-02Bonopartis, TheresaPast Talkpast-talk
Philippians2019-04-11Buening, Fr. MattPast Talkpast-talk
Romans 7 and 82019-04-04Shaffer, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
Romans2019-03-28Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Galatians2019-03-21Rapisarda, Fr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
Corinthians – Love & Grace2019-03-14DeAscanis, Fr. Michael A.Past Talkpast-talk
Thessalonians2019-03-07Kilner, Fr. Robert F.Past Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat2019-02-28Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Framing an Argument to Defend Truth2019-02-21Holmer, Rev. ScottPast Talkpast-talk
How to Respond as a Catholic to Uncivil Discourse2019-02-14Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
The Truth of our Fertility – A Gynecologist Personal Journey2019-02-07Duane, Dr. MargueritePast Talkpast-talk
Without the Priest, There is No Eucharist2019-01-31Lickteig, Fr. AnthonyPast Talkpast-talk
The Bible2019-01-24Lewis, Fr. PatrickPast Talkpast-talk
The Truth of Marriage2019-01-17Gurnee, Fr. BillPast Talkpast-talk
Advent Reflection 2018-12-13Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Finding Your Voice — How to Be Couragous in an Intolerant World 2018-12-06Rossetti, Msgr. StephenPast Talkpast-talk
Joy! The Fruit of Truth & Love 2018-11-29Fox, Sister Mary MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Relativism in Our Changing World 2018-11-15Watson, JoanPast Talkpast-talk
Habits of People Who Find Jesus 2018-11-08Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Temperament & Saints 2018-11-01Cardamone, MichelePast Talkpast-talk
St. Francis: Sign of Contradiction 2018-10-25Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
True Forgiveness & Penance 2018-10-18Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Discerning Your Purpose (Gifts or Charisms) 2018-10-11Sliker, LisaPast Talkpast-talk
How to Be a Bridge, Not Obstacle 2018-10-04Rapisarda, Fr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
True Charity & Poverty of Spirit 2018-09-27Conroy, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Restore My Church 2018-09-20Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Catholic Church … The Fullness of Truth 2018-05-03Alar, Fr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
Mary, Queen of the Church Militants 2018-04-26Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
The Good News or Fake News: Debunking Catholic Myths 2018-04-19Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Why and How Grace Magnifies Your Acts of Love 2018-04-12Anderson, Mary JoPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat: The Great Cloud of Witnesses2018-03-22Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Icons and Iconography — Part II 2018-03-15Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Icons and Iconography — Part I 2018-03-08Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Doctors, Fathers, Relics 2018-03-01Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat: The Great Cloud of Witnesses 2018-02-22Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat: The Making of Saints 2018-02-15Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat 2018-02-08Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Sex and Gender Matters: How to Talk to Friends and Loved Ones2018-02-01Griffin, Fr. CarterPast Talkpast-talk
Marian’s Funeral2018-01-25Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Our Lady of Fatima 2018-01-18Joan of Arc, Sr.Past Talkpast-talk
Mary in Scripture 2018-01-11Baron, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Holy Hour for Lent 2017-12-14Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Prayers for Marian2017-12-07Ilg, Fr. PhilPast Talkpast-talk
The Examen Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola 2017-11-30McCormack, Fr. JimPast Talkpast-talk
Saints as Members of the Church 2017-11-16Lewis, Fr. PatrickPast Talkpast-talk
The Women of Scripture 2017-11-09Watson, JoanPast Talkpast-talk
Purgatory 2017-11-02Fish, Fr. MatthewPast Talkpast-talk
Our World Needs Catholic Heroes 2017-10-26Peterson, TomPast Talkpast-talk
From Grief to Grace: Therapy for the Soul 2017-10-19Burke, Dr. TheresaPast Talkpast-talk
Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics 2017-10-12Berg, Fr. ThomasPast Talkpast-talk
Bible 101: Making the Bible User-Friendly 2017-10-05DeAscanis, Fr. Michael A.Past Talkpast-talk
The Value of Redemptive Suffering 2017-09-28Shaffer, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
Praying with Mother Teresa and the Saints 2017-09-21Conroy, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Called According To His Purpose … Knowing the Will of God 2017-09-14Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Feminine Genius2017-05-04Zeno, KatrinaPast Talkpast-talk
The Importance of Silence in the Spiritual Life 2017-04-27Bueno, Fr. RaymondPast Talkpast-talk
Great Cloud of Witnesses Part 5 – Stop Judging Me! Seven Ways to Respond to Relativism 2017-04-06Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Great Cloud of Witnesses Part 4 2017-03-30Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Great Cloud of Witnesses Part 3 – The Eucharist 2017-03-23Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Great Cloud of Witnesses Part 2 — Old Testament Typology 2017-03-16Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Great Cloud of Witnesses Part 1 – Divinity of Christ 2017-03-09Nolan, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Spreading the Truth Faithfully, Not Forcefully 2017-03-02Spreading the Truth Faithfully, Not ForcefullyPast Talkpast-talk
St. Therese of Lisieux 2017-02-23Gallaugher, Fr. Daniel T.Past Talkpast-talk
Using God’s Food for Healthy Living… In Tune with the Seasons 2017-02-16Wood, VictoriaPast Talkpast-talk
Globalization of Food: Production Miracle or Nutritional Nightmare 2017-02-09Anderson, Mary JoPast Talkpast-talk
Food … Friend or Foe 2017-02-02Wood, VictoriaPast Talkpast-talk
A Woman on a Mission: A Feminist Fight for Women’s Rights 2017-01-26Littlejohn, ReggiePast Talkpast-talk
What Every Catholic Needs to Know … The Last Four Things 2017-01-19Holmer, Rev. ScottPast Talkpast-talk
Eucharistic Miracles Throughout the Ages 2017-01-12Shaffer, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
Living in the Present Moment 2016-12-08Young, Fr. LarryPast Talkpast-talk
Reflections on the Year of Mercy 2016-12-01Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Meeting Our Challenge to Restore a True, Just, & Virtuous Society 2016-11-17Liaugminas, SheilaPast Talkpast-talk
The Inquisition 2016-11-10Weidenkopf, StevePast Talkpast-talk
Catholic Principles for Voting 2016-11-03Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Aborted Fetal Vaccines and Beyond Letting in Just a Little Evil 2016-10-27Vinnedge, DebPast Talkpast-talk
Love Me As I Am 2016-10-20Heidland, Sr. MiriamPast Talkpast-talk
Mary’s Never Ending Love 2016-10-13Alar, Fr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
Called to be Salt and Light in a Darkened World 2016-10-06Yoshihara, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Wisdom from the Early Church Fathers2016-09-29Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lourdes — The Liquid Grace of Mercy 2016-09-22Watkins, MarlenePast Talkpast-talk
Searching After the Lord with Your Whole Heart and Soul 2016-09-15Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Catholic Year in Review: Major Events in Catholicism 2015-2016 2016-05-05Anderson, Mary JoPast Talkpast-talk
The Year of Mercy: United in His Love! 2016-04-28McCormack, Fr. JimPast Talkpast-talk
The one who has hope lives and dies differently 2016-04-21Lopicolo, ChristaPast Talkpast-talk
Finding Joy in Our Journey 2016-04-14Aeiparthenos, Mother MariaPast Talkpast-talk
Teaching How Jesus Taught: How Stories will save our culture, our children, and the Church! 2016-04-07Arroyo, RaymondPast Talkpast-talk
St. Therese’s Story of a Soul 2016-03-17Arnold, Fr. ErikPast Talkpast-talk
Introduction to the Devout Life 2016-03-10Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
DeCaussade’s Abandonment Divine Providence 2016-03-03Flum, Fr. MartinPast Talkpast-talk
St. John of the Cross’ Spiritual Canticle 2016-02-25Brigid, Sr. MaryPast Talkpast-talk
The Life of Christ Sheen 2016-02-18Connor, Fr. CharlesPast Talkpast-talk
Chautard’s The Soul of the Apostolate 2016-02-11Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Preparing Our Hearts for Lent: The Lenten Journey 2016-02-04Holmer, Rev. ScottPast Talkpast-talk
In Defense of Human Life & Holy Marriage 2016-01-28Ruse, CathyPast Talkpast-talk
Breath of God – Living a Life Led by the Holy Spirit 2016-01-14Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
The Kingdom of God 2015-12-10Anichukwu, Fr. AnthonyPast Talkpast-talk
Pray Like a Catholic 2015-12-03Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
Who Are the Angels 2015-11-19Miravalle, John-MarkPast Talkpast-talk
The Glory of the Crusades 2015-11-12Weidenkopf, StevePast Talkpast-talk
Life of Fulton Sheen 2015-11-05Connor, Fr. CharlesPast Talkpast-talk
Teachable Moments 2015-10-29Hicks, MarybethPast Talkpast-talk
Growing Up in God’s Image 2015-10-15Smith, CarolynPast Talkpast-talk
Outside the Church There is No Salvation. What does that really mean? 2015-10-08Sammons, EricPast Talkpast-talk
Is Faith for Dummies? 2015-10-01Baron, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Meaning of the Mass 2015-09-24Alar, Fr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
From Father Wound to the Heart of God, the Father 2015-09-17Scott, Fr PhilipPast Talkpast-talk
Waiting For the Lord … With Perseverance, Patience, and Purpose 2015-09-10Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Five Levels of Happiness2015-04-23Broussard, KarloPast Talkpast-talk
Common Scriptural Misunderstandings and Q&A2015-03-26Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
St. Peter ~ The Leader’s Voice and Its Echoes2015-03-19Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
St. James and St. Jude ~ Exhortation2015-03-12Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
St. John ~ Intimacy2015-03-05Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
St. Paul ~ Fire2015-02-26Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Letters from Our Shepherds ~ The New Testament Beyond the Gospels2015-02-19Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat — How To Make A Good Confession2015-02-12Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Shrouded In God’s Mercy2015-02-05Baron, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
The Basic Way of The Spiritual Life Woven with the Teachings of Teresa & St. John of the Cross2015-01-29Paris, Fr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Exposing The Truth About Common Core2015-01-22Anderson, Mary JoPast Talkpast-talk
Ok I Get It… So Now What?2015-01-15Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Why They Matter2014-12-11Bergsma, JohnPast Talkpast-talk
Peace of Soul… Achieving Peace in Both Your Interior and Exterior Life!2014-12-04Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
The Incredible Shrinking Person2014-11-20Schenck, Fr. PaulPast Talkpast-talk
The Family – The Centerpiece of Civilization2014-11-13Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The POVERTY that Attracts God’s RICHNESS2014-11-06Scott, Fr PhilipPast Talkpast-talk
Nurturing A Catholic Mom’s Heart, Mind, Body and Soul2014-10-30Hendey, LisaPast Talkpast-talk
God & Contemporary Science2014-10-23Broussard, KarloPast Talkpast-talk
The Transforming Power of the Liturgy2014-10-16Lewis, Fr. PatrickPast Talkpast-talk
“Coming to Christ” and Resting in His Love2014-10-09Conroy, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
St. Faustina and The Message of Divine Mercy2014-09-25Baron, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Divine Love through the Lens of The Trinity, The Church and The Family2014-09-18Remedios, DinoPast Talkpast-talk
Being a Faith-Filled Catholic in a Faithless World2014-09-11Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Time to Become the Church Militant 2014-05-01Collett, TeresaPast Talkpast-talk
Common Scriptual Misunderstandings 2014-04-10Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Steps Into The Future — The Church In Letters 2014-04-03Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Gospel of the Holy Spirit — Book of Acts 2014-03-27Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Most Important Life — The Gospel Patterns of Jesus Life 2014-03-20Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Heart of Gods Revelation — The Gospels 2014-03-13Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Bible of the New Israel — The New Testament 2014-03-06Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Longing for Love — What It Means To Be Human 2014-02-27Griffin, Fr. CarterPast Talkpast-talk
Totus Tuus Totally Yours 2014-02-20Aeiparthenos, Mother Maria, Servants of the LordPast Talkpast-talk
Discernment of the Spirit 2014-02-06McCormack, Fr. JimPast Talkpast-talk
The Seven Gifts From On High — Are You Using Them 2014-01-30Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Part 1 & 2
  • Part 1


  • Part 2
2014-01-23Weeks, Melissa, Jeske, Mary EttaPast Talkpast-talk
Who’s Who In Heaven 2014-01-16Morrow, Fr. T.G.Past Talkpast-talk
Hiking the Camino

2013-12-12Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
From Abraham To The Apostles — How The Church Began 2013-12-05Boyer, GarrettPast Talkpast-talk
How To Deal With Anti-Catholic Sentiment 2013-11-14Stokes, Fr. HarryPast Talkpast-talk
The Four Marks of the Church 2013-11-07Charles, Sr. MaryPast Talkpast-talk
Technology Unchastity and the Cult of Unreality 2013-10-31Scalia, Fr. PaulPast Talkpast-talk
Mary — The Second Eve And The Immaculate Conception 2013-10-24Miller, Fr. FredrickPast Talkpast-talk
Where Mercy Meets Faithfulness 2013-10-17Bonopartis, TheresaPast Talkpast-talk
The Connection Between Breast Cancer and Oral Contraceptives 2013-10-10Kahlenborn, Dr. ChrisPast Talkpast-talk
St Therese of Lisieux — The Saint For the Third Millennium 2013-10-03Connor, Fr. CharlesPast Talkpast-talk
The Roman Catholic Ministry of Exorcism in the 21 Century2013-09-26Thomas, Fr. GaryPast Talkpast-talk
When Faith Feels Fragile 2013-09-19Hurd, Fr. ScottPast Talkpast-talk
Complete Trust…Not My Will But Yours Be Done 2013-09-12Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Religious Freedom and The Church 2013-05-02McGuire, AshleyPast Talkpast-talk
Mary’s Fiat and Our Yes To God 2013-04-25Ivany, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
My Peace I Give You — Healing Sexual Wounds With the Help of Saints 2013-04-18Private: Eden, DawnPast Talkpast-talk
The Hope of Christ 2013-04-11Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Common Scriptural Misunderstandings and Open Forum Q&A 2013-03-21Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
To Hear the Sound of Steadfast Love — The Prophetic Books 2013-03-14Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Four Stages of Prayer 2013-03-07Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
To Remember — The History Books 2013-02-28Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
In the Beginning –The First Five Books 2013-02-21Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Bible of Israel — The Old Testament 2013-02-14Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Four Stages of Prayer 2013-02-07Brinkmann, SusanPast Talkpast-talk
A Golden Nugget Into The Year of Faith 2013-01-24Gaitley, Fr. MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
Spiritual Freedom:God’s Life Changing Gift 2013-01-17Pivonka, Fr. DavePast Talkpast-talk
Set Free — Authentic Catholic Womans Guide To Forgiveness

2012-12-13Kineke, GenevievePast Talkpast-talk
Spiritual Childhood…Therese and Faustina’s Way


2012-12-06Daniel, Sem. TimPast Talkpast-talk
An Advent Reflection: Awake From Your Slumber

2012-11-29Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Spiritual Warfare — Our Struggles Against Evil

2012-11-15Apostoli, Fr. AndrewPast Talkpast-talk
Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love & Holiness

2012-11-08Conroy, Susan, Carloni, Fr. BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Constitution And Religion

2012-11-01Garvey, President JohnPast Talkpast-talk
Discerning the Will of God

2012-10-25Paris, Fr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Same Sex Marriage Affects Everyone

2012-10-18Hamm, MaryPast Talkpast-talk
Your Vote, Your Vocation: What the Church Says about Citizenship

2012-10-11White, StephenPast Talkpast-talk
Angels and Demons

2012-10-04Baron, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Catholics in the Colonial and Revolutionary Periods

2012-09-27Connor, Fr. CharlesPast Talkpast-talk
From Anglican to Catholic — United As One

2012-09-20Lewis, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Chosen And Appointed To Bear Fruit in the Year of Faith

2012-09-13Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Christian Art — A Window To the Soul — A Pathway to Heaven

2012-05-03Sullivan, Dr. JemPast Talkpast-talk
Fatima for Today

2012-04-26Apostoli, Fr. AndrewPast Talkpast-talk
Archbishop Fulton Sheen — A Prophet For Our Times

2012-04-25Apostoli, Fr. AndrewPast Talkpast-talk
Our Journey — Walking With Jesus On The Road To Emmaus

2012-04-19Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Common Scriptural Misunderstandings and Forum Q&A

2012-03-29Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Scripture — Its Central Theme And Interpretation

2012-03-22Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Backbone of Scriptures – The 6 Key Covenants

2012-03-15Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Praying Bible with Lectio Divina

2012-03-08Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Different Translations — Which One Is Best

2012-03-01Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Series: the Bible and its Life in the Church

2012-02-23Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat – Get More Out of Lent

2012-02-16Paris, Fr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Weaving The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy into Our Lives

2012-02-09Gurnee, Fr. BillPast Talkpast-talk
Finding The Word In The Word

2012-02-02Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
I am Pro-Life Whats Wrong With IVF

2012-01-26Bruchalski, Dr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
Exploring Islam Through Christian Eyes

2011-05-05Kineke, GenevievePast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 6

2011-04-14Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 5

2011-04-07Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Session 4

2011-03-31Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism of the Catholic Church — Session 3

2011-03-24Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism of the Catholic Church — Session 2

2011-03-17Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Catechism of The Catholic Church — Session 1

2011-03-10Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lenten Retreat — Prodigal Children Coming Home

2011-03-03Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Be Holy — A Catholics Guide To The Spiritual Life

2011-02-24Morrow, Fr. T.G.Past Talkpast-talk
Perseverance and Love St Monica Style

2011-02-17Hamm, MaryPast Talkpast-talk
Stress Martha and Mary — Bethany Comes to Laurel

2011-02-02Bruchalski, Dr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
Consoling The Heart of Jesus

2011-01-20Gaitley, Fr. MichaelPast Talkpast-talk
The Hidden Power of Women

2011-01-13Rivero, Fr. JordiPast Talkpast-talk
St. Joseph… The Silent Witness

2010-12-09Panula, Fr. ArnePast Talkpast-talk
Advent Retreat — His Presence — The Gift That Keeps On Giving

2010-12-02Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Purgatory — It’s Not A Dead Issue

2010-11-18Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Pro-Life Hero — Fr. Paul Schenck Tells His Story

2010-11-11Schenck, Fr. PaulPast Talkpast-talk
Godly Strength — Practicing The Human Virtues

2010-10-28Hegnauer, Fr. TedPast Talkpast-talk
Our Lady’s Secrets Revealed — The Messages of Fatima and Lourdes

2010-10-21Olsen, Fr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
The Extraordinary Form of the Mass

2010-10-14LaHood, Fr. ThomasPast Talkpast-talk
Jesus Tells Us Not To Judge — What Does That Really Mean

2010-10-07Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Marriage — Ideal or Ordeal

2010-09-30Kozlowski, Fr. JohnPast Talkpast-talk
The Beatitudes — The New Attitude of the Christian

2010-09-23Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Spirit of Discipleship

2010-09-16Stokes, Fr. HarryPast Talkpast-talk
Combating The Crisis in the Church with Truth and Charity

2010-05-06Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Straight Talk About Homosexuality

2010-04-29Cohen, RichardPast Talkpast-talk
Phases of Womanhood

2010-04-22Hasson, MaryPast Talkpast-talk
Mystical Theology — What Happens During Prayer?

2010-04-15Coan, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
Divine Mercy — God’s Message of Love

2010-03-25DeAscanis, Fr. Michael A.Past Talkpast-talk
Gaudium et Spes How Does the Church Engage the Modern World?

2010-03-18Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Dei Verbum — God is With Us — The Primacy of Scripture

2010-03-11Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Sacrosanctum Concilium — The Sacred Liturgy

2010-03-04Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Lumen Gentium — Light of the Nations The Nature of the Church

2010-02-25Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Vatican II Making Sense Of It All Today

2010-02-18Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Depressed…Need Joy…Finding Jesus

2010-02-04Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Praying The Psalms Then and Now

2010-01-28Ryan, Fr. StevePast Talkpast-talk
Healing Service with Deacon Jack Sullivan

2010-01-21Sullivan, Deacon JackPast Talkpast-talk
Devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary

2010-01-14O’Donnell, Dr. TimothyPast Talkpast-talk
The Hour of Power: Finding Truth, Healing & Wholeness Through Eucharistic Prayer

2010-01-07Donaghy, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Raising Your Children and Grandchildren To Be Catholic In An Anti-Christian Society

2009-12-10Panke, Msgr. Robert, Royals, Fr. DrewPast Talkpast-talk
Advent Retreat: God Became Man And Dwelt Among Us…Then and Now

2009-12-03Poston, Fr. CollinPast Talkpast-talk
Conversion of Hearts As We Become One With Jesus In The Eucharist

2009-11-12Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Forgiving The Unforgivable…Letting Go of Anger and Rage

2009-11-05Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Humanae Vitae Forty Years Later

2009-10-01Ku, Fr. John BaptistPast Talkpast-talk
Year for Priests

2009-09-24Leary, Fr. DanielPast Talkpast-talk
Sanctification of Work

2009-09-17Panula, Fr. ArnePast Talkpast-talk
What Is A Catholic Conscience And How Do We Form Ours

2009-09-10Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
God’s Call To Women

2009-05-07Kineke, GenevievePast Talkpast-talk
Seeing the Old In the New

2009-04-23Arnold, Fr. ErikPast Talkpast-talk
Church History VI — Christ’s Kiss from the Cross — Sufferings Role in Your Redemption

2009-04-02Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Church History V — Vatican I to Vatican II to the Church at the Millennium

2009-03-26Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Church History IV — Counter-Reformation
 and the Evangelization of the New World

2009-03-19Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Church History III — Christendom

2009-03-12Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Church History II — The Age of the Fathers

2009-03-05Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Church History I — The Period of Persecutions

2009-02-26Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
And The Two Shall Become One: Marriage The Way God Intended

2009-02-05Morrow, Fr. T.G.Past Talkpast-talk
Dabbling with the Devil The New Age Movement

2009-01-15Martin, Fr. FrancisPast Talkpast-talk
Spe Salve: On Christian Hope

2008-12-11Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Treasury of Our Faith: Apologetics 101 Our Sacraments Explained

2008-11-13Young, Fr. LarryPast Talkpast-talk
The Treasury of Our Faith: Apologetics 101 – Our Differences Explained

2008-11-06Buening, Fr. MattPast Talkpast-talk
Confession — Our Weapon Against the Seven Deadly Sins

2008-10-30Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Redeemed by Christ, But Working on My Salvation

2008-10-23Gurnee, Fr. BillPast Talkpast-talk
Our Call to Holiness (Divine Abandonment)

2008-10-16Flum, Fr. MartinPast Talkpast-talk
The Church as Our Moral Compass: True North

2008-10-09Coan, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
The Trinity: The Very Core of Our Beliefs

2008-10-02Willoughby, Fr. MalcolmPast Talkpast-talk
Indifference: The Devil’s Fuel

2008-09-25Grzan, RenataPast Talkpast-talk
The Vocation & Mission of the Lay Faithful

2008-09-18Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The 10 Commandments — Rules, Not Suggestions Continued

2008-05-08Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
The Eucharist Source and Summit of Our Faith

2008-05-01Flum, Fr. MartinPast Talkpast-talk
The Dignity and Mission of Women In the World and in the Church

2008-04-24DeAscanis, Fr. Michael A.Past Talkpast-talk
The Pope, The Papacy, and The Church

2008-04-10Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
The Ten Commandments Rules Not Suggestions

2008-04-03Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
God’s Wake Up Call: Heaven Purgatory Hell

2008-03-13Morrow, Fr. T.G.Past Talkpast-talk
Ethics 101 Moral Theology

2008-02-21Coan, Fr. GregPast Talkpast-talk
Lent Retreat — Time Management

2008-02-14Woods, Fr. ScottPast Talkpast-talk
Questions and Answer Forum

2008-02-07Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
A Womans Call To Holiness From Biblical Times Until Today

2008-01-31Grzan, RenataPast Talkpast-talk
Finding Your Faith Through Tragedy

2008-01-24Martin, JeannePast Talkpast-talk
Catholic Women and the Feminist Movement

2008-01-17Hamm, MaryPast Talkpast-talk
Believing In Jesus What Does That Really Mean

2008-01-10Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
Theology of the Body

2008-01-03Donaghy, BillPast Talkpast-talk
Sacred Liturgy –The Celebration of the Christian Mystery

2007-12-13Hilgartner, Fr. RickPast Talkpast-talk
The Early Church Fathers

2007-11-15White, Fr. MarkPast Talkpast-talk
Catholic Prayer — Is Anyone Out There Really Listening

2007-11-08Swetland, Msgr.Past Talkpast-talk
The Catholic Church, The Catechism, and Its Authority

2007-11-01Keimig, BillPast Talkpast-talk
The Bible: Salvation History

2007-10-25Grzan, RenataPast Talkpast-talk
Our Blessed Mother The Mother of ALL!

2007-10-18Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk
Understanding and Interpreting Scripture

2007-10-04Wilson, Msgr. MikePast Talkpast-talk
What Do Catholics Really Believe and Why

2007-09-27Buening, Fr. MattPast Talkpast-talk
Why Do We Go To Mass

2007-09-20Poston, Fr. CollinPast Talkpast-talk
Called to Perfection, Who Me?

2007-09-13Swink, Fr. Larry C.Past Talkpast-talk