Oh Jesus, we know what is impossible for us,
possible for you.


We submit ourselves to your holy will
in loving trust for your apostolate begun by Marian,
your faithful daughter.


We ask this day Lord,
please bless TASTE.


Bless TASTE with holy Catholic speakers and priests
who are faithful to the magisterium of the Church.


Send us speakers and priests
who desire to set souls on fire
with your love and truth.


Bestow upon your priests
the graces for holiness,
purity of heart and boldness of conviction.


In our families Lord,
bless us with great faith.


Draw our prodigal families
back to your loving arms
along the narrow path of salvation
through your church.


Heal our brokenness,
our illnesses and our addictions to sin.


Grant us the strength and courage
to walk through our fears and doubts with you
remembering that you only will our good.


Lord, you know all of the intentions of our hearts.


Have mercy upon your faithful daughters
and grant us the petitions
we humbly lay before you... (Petitions)


With thankful hearts,
we praise you for your glory
and give to you all that you deserve -
our everlasting love.



Jesus, We Trust In You