Beauty- What It Is and Why It Matters

Beauty -- What It Is and Why It Matters

Offering an abundance of accessible examples, author John Mark Miravalle demonstrates that beauty is neither in the eye of the beholder, nor for the cultivated, the dreamer, or the hopeless romantic alone. On the contrary, the ability to understand, recognize, and delight in beauty readies all souls for heaven and makes it easier for us to get there.

Why God? Why Jesus? Why the Catholic Church?

Why God? Why Jesus? Why The Catholic Church?

Why God? Why Jesus? Why the Catholic Church? When you live in a society filled with non-believers, non-Christians and non-Catholics, these are the questions that come up time and again. How do we know there is a God? If there is a God, has He revealed Himself in Jesus Christ? And if Jesus really is Lord, do we need a faith-community in order to relate to Him? Which one? This book offers an accessible treatment of the case for Theism, Christianity and Catholicism, and also includes a brief introduction to the related topics of faith, prayer and evangelization. The need for prayerful, faithful, well-informed apologists and evangelists is growing, and this text provides an excellent resource for Catholics who want to harness the rational power of our faith in spreading the Gospel.

How to Feel Good and How Not to

How to Feel Good and How Not To

Never before in the life of our nation have more drugs legal and illegal been consumed than now, and in such an acute time as this, it is difficult to evaluate which mood-altering drugs carry moral legitimacy. In these pages, author John-Mark Miravalle explores, through a Catholic lens, the phenomenon of chemical mood alteration and reflects on our feelings of pleasure and suffering and how they relate to the rest of our humanity.

Masterfully combining philosophy, theology, and science, Miravalle equips you with the tools you need to make decisions based on your own particular circumstances. With the help of these edifying pages, you ll learn what effect the uses of particular substances typically have on your ability to regulate your feelings and cultivate an emotional life that leads to happiness and fulfillment over time.