Marian L. Frentz

MAY 26, 1954 - JANUARY 21, 2018


The picture to the above shows Marian wearing red as she always did for TASTE gatherings.  Everything she did had a purpose and wearing red was no exception.  For Marian, red was symbolic of inviting the HOLY SPIRIT to come and fill all of the members of TASTE with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Marian Frentz - More Details
Founder of the TASTE Program

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Marian Frentz founded the TASTE Program in 2007.  Over the next 11 years, she worked diligently and passionately to promote authentic Catholic teaching by providing a venue for women to be fed by Spirit filled Catholic speakers and to have an opportunity to reflect on their message through small group discussion.  Marian was called home in 2018 at the young age of 63 years.  Although her life was relatively short, there is no doubt that her life's purpose was fulfilled both in this and other ministries. Below, we've tried to capture what was so important to this special women who said "YES" to our Lord and what she brought to the TASTE Program.


  • SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE - Marian was a rock, NEVER afraid to speak the truth. She inherently knew that it was an act of love to speak and teach the truth, as difficult as it may be for others to hear, because she cared about their salvation.  She wanted all of the women of TASTE to know how much they are loved by GOD and that they are "Daughters of the King."  
  • PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST - Consistently, Marian inspired others to have a deep personal relationship with JESUS by encouraging them to converse with Him throughout the day.  She also had a deep and abiding love for Jesus in the Eucharist, and always brought big and little decisions to Him in prayer.  
  • ADORATION- Since it was through her time in adoration that she discerned God's will for her life, she knew that others would benefit from this Sacred time of intimacy with our Lord.  She knew that it is here where our heart speaks to His and wanted everyone to know that we can present to Him the things we don't understand, issues that worry us, our failings and our sins.  
  • CONFESSION - Marian understood that there is a natural next step to acknowledging our sins and that step is good confession where our Lord is acting in the person of the priest.  Because of this, she made every effort to have a priest available to hear confessions at the end of each week's TASTE session as a convenient way for our women to be able to frequently participate in this holy sacrament.  
  • PRAY FOR PRIESTS - Recognizing all that our priests do for us and how much they are under attack by the evil one, it was only natural that praying for priests would be an integral part of Marian's faith life.  The fruits of her prayers are recognized by several who were  inspired to discern a vocation. Moreover, she knew the value of a group of faithful prayer warriors and thus she encouraged others to pray for priests through a program for "Spiritual Adoption of Priests" and promoted this ministry with a book of prayers that she compiled.  
  • SPIRITUAL READING - Marian recognized the importance of helping us grow spiritually through reading inspirational books.  For this reason, she loved finding opportunities to present us with spiritual reading and frequently gave Catholic and spiritual books as a reward and encouragement.  Many women commented that this helped them to develop the habit of spiritual reading.  She also set up a library of these books and made them available for all.  
  • NEXT GENERATION While Marian is so dearly missed in this community, she has left an indelible mark on all of us.  By her words and actions, she prepared the next generation to continue this mission for Christ.  We are often in amazement at how much she did each week and throughout the year to develop and support this ministry.
  • CONTINUING THE MISSION Marian always assured her TASTE ladies that the work she did was not of her, but of the Holy Spirit.  When she was called home, this same Holy Spirit did not call an end to the TASTE Program.  It has taken a dedicated team of women working together to attempt to fill her shoes.  As we continue this mission, we make every effort to honor her memory, humbly serve our Lord, and someday hope to be able to help guide women in other geographic areas to provide this program to their communities.