How to Respond as a Catholic to Uncivil Discourse

2019-02-14- Brinkmann, Susan

In this talk, Susan Brinkmann gives advice on how to respond to uncivil discourse and reminds us that we have a secret weapon — Agape Love and people cannot resist it.  She also provided concrete strategies.

  • Study the doctrine of the church, especially social issues so that we can refute errors.  This can help our fellow Catholics too. 
  • Take advice from Jesus.  It is the logic of the heart, more than the logic of the mind, that moves man.
  • Speak with discernment.  People can not handle information all at once. Discern when to share and how much in any conversation.
  • Speak with intelligence.  Understand others’ ideas and prejudice, their joy and sorrow. Truthful information, said in love, can change minds.
  • Speak with courage. Although they might get mad, they often admire those remain calm.  
  • Speak with conviction.  Try sitting down and showing what is wrong with TV shows, sorcery.
  • Speak with humility & gentleness.  Avoid saying anything that will humiliate them or anger them.
  • Speak with love  — Love for their soul and for Jesus who loves that person
  • Don’t argue or fight.  By arguing, we run the risk of humiliating them. If they are mad, walk away.
  • Look for common ground.  Find out what truth you agree with.  Start there, show fullness of truth.

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