How to Be a Bridge, Not Obstacle

In this talk, Fr. Rapisarda offers suggestions on how to be a bridge and not an obstacle. 

  • Evangelization — Regarding sharing the good news of the gospel … St. Paul said “If we don’t tell them, who will?”  Didn’t someone tell you to come to Mass and/or to TASTE?
  • Inauthentic vs. Authentic — Inauthentic Evangelization says “The more I get into my religion, the more angry I am at your sins!”   Conversely, the more we let the Lord in to free us, the more we can have authentic witness.  
  • St. Paul on Love — In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul says “if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.”  Thus inauthentic evangelization is not good.  Rather, we must ask the Lord to purify our heart and share truth in love.  These 2 must go together for grace to flow.
  • Prayer & Fasting — Some things can only be improved by prayer and fasting, not direct engagement.  Also, don’t be too prescriptive in our prayer, but ask God to work it out in His way and in His time. Then, step back and trust the Lord.  
  • Evangelizing friends & family — Remember…  Get to know the person first.  Trust the power of God.  Be patient, especially in case of same sex attraction.  It takes time, energy, patience, and years. Expect small increments of change.  Have think skin because there will probably be tears and maybe for years.  In the meantime, be a friend and love them!
  • St. John of the Cross — “Where there is no love, put love, and you will draw love out.”
  • People can spot a fake — When people feel that you are selling something, the wall goes up. Why?  Because they have not been given the freedom of really seeing the changed heart.  They will feel manipulated.  Then the Lord has to do more work and we know he never rests. 
  • Healing to evangelization — The more we let Christ into the deepest wounds of our hearts, he will heal us. The more we let the Lord in to free us, the more we can have authentic witness to the one who has healed me. Thus, healing of Christ brings forth evangelization.

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