Healing in the Heart of Jesus

2023-11-09- Leon, Elizabeth

Join Elizabeth on the Journey of the Beloved:

What is Healing?

  • CCC 1695: Healing the wounds of sin, the Holy Spirit renews us interiorly through a spiritual transformation
  • “Healing is allowing the Holy Trinity — Jesus Christ the Bridegroom, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit to gather the broken, shattered pieces of our heart and put them back together in a way that we are more beautiful, more expansive and more full of  grace than if we had never been broken.” – Elizabeth Leon

Other Quotes

  • “The glory of God is man fully alive.”  – St. Iraneus
  • “Surrender is trusting God’s plan with no evidence that it is good, other than the fact that He is good, and He is allowing it.” – Elizabeth Leon
  •  “True joy is a victory, something which cannot be obtained without a long and difficult struggle. Christ holds the secret of this victory.” – Pope St. John Paul the Great (17th World Youth Day)

Additional Resources:

  • Journey of the Beloved – Elizabeth Leon’s ministry of speaking and in-person women’s workshop, Made for More.  A great place to begin your healing journey!
  • Let Yourself Be Loved – Elizabeth’s blog site
  • You Are Made New Ministry – Offers Inner Healing Catholic coaching (I am one of their coaches) as well as Sacred Story Groups and in-person retreats.
  • Hope’s Garden – Offers many opportunities for healing prayer as well as a sisterhood of other women growing closer to Christ the Bridegroom
  • Living Waters – Offers healing retreats and online courses for healing
  • Life-Giving Wounds – Offers retreats and support groups for healing the wounds of divorce
  • John Paul II Healing Center — Offers retreats and resources in healing the whole person