2019-03-21- Rapisarda, Fr. John

In his talk, Fr. John Rapisarda talked about Salvation, Justification, & Legalism.

  • SALVATION — Jesus came so that everyone can be saved. This was hard for the Jews to hear.  Since Paul was a wise Jewish man himself, he talks about his own conversion and his own attacks on Christians
  • JUSTIFICATION — We are justified by Grace and by the Passion and Resurrection and sacrificial love.  Our response, we must open our hearts.  Because of Justification, we have the power to live the life we were meant to live, which was previously taken away by Adam and Eve.
  • LEGALISM is the concern of the works of the law at the direct expense of our relationship with God and charity, justice, and mercy.  Recall Jesus’ conversation with the Pharisees as He opposed legalism.  We should offer as challenge an invitation of deep trust in the magisterium of the Church.
  • Galatians is the basis for many false interpretations of Protestant theology. Paul presents the complex issue that divides Christians – justification by faith & how it relates to the moral law. Dr. Hahn shows how justification actually reveals the very heart of the Christian mystery where, through faith in Christ’s crucifixion, we become sons and daughters of God.

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