Framing an Argument to Defend Truth

2019-02-21- Holmer, Rev. Scott

In this talk, Fr. Holmer focused on the writings of Thomas Aquinas as it relates to What is Truth.  

  • He shared that truth resides in the intellect.  A house is true in the form in the architect’s mind.  5 walls not true to the design. Truth does not reside in the world, but in the mind of the architect — of the creator.
  • Natural things are said to be true so as they express the species in the divine mind of the CREATOR — He is intelligent.  Therefore to find the truth, you need to try to understand the divine mind.  
  • God is the only being who say I think, therefore I am. He has always existed and always thinking.  He has no begin or end. Every being is found in the divine intellect of God.  It is not found in our own head.  We can know it when we know the mind of God.  Then, the more we will know the truth.
  • Some say “You have your truth and I have mine.  Let’s agree to agree. Sadly, the God of that person is themselves.  We cannot have a rational argument until reason is rehabilitated.
  • Pope Benedict wrote about “The tyranny of relativism” which causes us not to function as a society. Unfortunately some people feel that truth comes through feelings and emotions.  We know truth comes from God. 
  • He mentioned that priests have training in philosophy for 2 years early on.

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