Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Saint Mary Of The Mills Located?

Our address is 114 St. Mary's Place Laurel, Maryland 20707. We are right off I-95 exit 35 A or off Route 29 exit 13 towards Laurel.

Where Do I Park?

The school/church parking lot and the parish center have spaces available; there are spaces on the street as well. Since there will be many women attending, and the parking lot get quite full, carpooling is encouraged! Please do not park in front of Pallotti HS. It's a fire lane and the police will ticket you. Also watch for the fire hydrant and don’t park in front of or too close to it.

Where Do I Go Once I Get There?

We'll meet in the church (St. Mary of the Mills 114 St. Mary's Place Laurel, MD 20707) for daily Mass (which is much shorter than a Sunday Mass). You may sit anywhere. Your children (if you bring them) will go to Mass, too. After Mass, most women will be directed across the street to the Pallotti Chapel. However, if you have children with you, you will first drop off your children in the Church basement where responsible women/nuns will be there to receive them. Children MUST be walking to attend the program. Babies will stay with their moms.

Can I Just Skip Mass And Come For The Program?

You are never required to come to Mass at TASTE but it is highly recommended as it starts the program off with everyone having just experienced the greatest prayer on earth. When women rush into TASTE it takes them awhile to calm down and be focused on learning. Obviously things come up, but generally try to attend Mass. You're infused with graces and you are able to open your eyes and ears to learning and have it saturate your heart.

What If My Kids Aren't Used To Going To Mass?

This is a perfect time to get them used to it. We have books in the back to keep them occupied in the pew. The Catholic Church is one big family -- we are kid friendly! Many moms come and bring their little ones. If they get cranky, walk to the back and you can still see and hear Mass through the glass doors. God loves to see moms bring their little ones.

Where Are The Children Watched?

Once Mass is over, you will go downstairs with your child and into the second room on your right. There you will fill out a registration form (if you haven't done so already). You are welcome to stay and get your child settled. Once you are ready, you will walk across the street to the Pallotti Chapel.  This year we are asking for a $25 donation (per family per year) to help with materials needed for the TASTE for Tots program. As always, this will be waived if you cannot afford it. Never stay away because of money issues. Please place your check into the basket at the end of TASTE. The babysitters do not accept money. We do not check or remind you of this...simply give if you can afford to do so.

With All This Talk Of Children, Am I Going To Be The Only Older Person?

No, we have women of all ages coming.

What If I Registered, But Due To Illness Or Some Other Reason Miss The First Class?

You will be missed, but will have access to the talk on the web site.  You can listen to it at home so that you can participate in the following week's small group discussion. You can also preview the Reflection Questions and  information on the web and/or from the weekly email;  hard-copies of the Reflection Questions and any handouts will be available the following class in the  filing cabinet in the back of the chapel.   If  you cannot listen to it on-line, you can borrow one of the CDs of the talks which will be in the back of the chapel.  Please try to remember to return the CDs so that others can hear the talk as well. Please do not come to TASTE if you are ill or your children are sick. You will be able to listen to the talk on-line or on CD.

If I Want To Bring A Friend, But Didn't Get Around To Registering Her, Can She Still Come?

Yes, we'll have temporary name tags for unexpected guests. We ask that they register online for next time so that we have some kind of idea how many women are coming. You are always encouraged to bring friends! To register, go to

Should I Bring Anything To Class With Me?

You will want to bring a notebook and pen. We also encourage you to bring your Bibles. You should have access to a Bible and a Catechism at home for your Reflection Questions. A great online version of the catechism is The first few weeks we try and print everything on the back of your Reflection Questions so you have time to get a Bible and/or Catechism.

What If I'm Not Catholic, Can I Still Go To Mass?

Absolutely. We welcome all to our liturgies and we highly encourage you to come. You will not be able to receive communion (for reasons we can explain in person) but you are welcome to walk up to the altar with your hands folded across your chest and receive a blessing from the priest.

Does TASTE Cost Money?

No, TASTE is free but if you can afford it, a $5 or more donation is very appreciated. We do not receive money from any parish. We have many expenses to cover. These include: speaker's fees and gifts, copying, name tags, library books purchased, postage, CDs, travel costs for speakers, airfare (has gone way up), supplies, bookmarks, prayer for priests booklets, perfect attendance incentives...