Corinthians – Love & Grace

In his talk, Fr. DeAscanis talked about three topics in Corinthians — Love, Sexual Immorality, and the Eucharist.

  • LOVE is a choice to serve. It is patient when difficult. It is not self-serving. It is a sacrifice.  Love is more important than faith. Love is faith in action.  Love is patient, caring, and oriented toward others.
  • EUCHARIST — St. Paul warns his readers not to receive unworthily, lest one bring judgement upon himself. (1 Cor 11: 27-30).  Rather, we should examine ourselves.  Regarding those who receive unworthily, St. Paul goes so far as to say “That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying.” Regarding belief in the real presence, Fr. DeAscanis said a good test is if a person cannot bow down in front of the monstrance, he/she should not receive communion.  Finally, we should remember that everyone has God inside of them.  Try to have that vision when we respond to others.
  • SEXUAL IMMORALITY — St. Paul said that it is better to marry than be a flame of passion. Marriage brings calm to and orders one’s desires and passion. Through the vocation of marriage, one will learn to control themself since a person must consider their spouse and family.  One of the benefits of marriage is that husbands and wives leading each other to faith.

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