Carolyn —

I would like to contact our support team about a few items, but want to make sure that you don’t have anything more pressing.
1) Security Issues Highlighted
2) Recent Issues with Text Editing
3) Modifications to Template Pages
Regarding #1, when I logged into Admin, I notice that it highlighted 3 security issues.  I think we should check with the web team about it.
Regarding #2, I have never had trouble with text and paragraph formatting before, but it now seems as though our defaults are no longer operable.  That is why the last “This Week” does not look good and also the formatting of the page for Stations of the Cross.
Regarding #3, I would like to edit the 3 TEMPLATE pages and think I know how to do it. But before I do anything, I really think it is worth me (or us) to have a zoom session with them to be sure it will be done correctly.  These 3 template pages would include:
Before we do #3, I’d like a short conversation with you about some thoughts.
I included the links for recent talks onTHIS MONTH” (see page), but have not yet included them on "PREVIOUS TALKS"  (next picture down). The reason is two-fold: 1) I had to set up speaker pages for Scott Hahn and Fr. Mike Schmitz so that I could select them from the drop down which is based on who is in our system and 2) I knew that the link would not show up on the previous talks page.
Regarding #1 — I began setting up the SPEAKER PAGES for those two and now have in an offline file all the information I need to populate those pages.  However, I began to think that I don’t want to mislead people to have them think that either of these two speakers came to TASTE.  Before I set populating with info I already have, I wanted to be sure that you would be ok with it.  I think a way to mitigate this problem is to put the word “Virtual” in their names since that will show up on any page that refers to them.  e.g. Hahn, Scott (Virtual).
Regarding #2 — When I populate the TALK PAGE  for those virtual talks, it will automatically populate the PREVIOUS TALKS page.  However, it will not have the clickable audio file displayed on the PREVIOUS TALKS page. However (and as usual), if the user clicks on the title of the talk, they will get the appropriate talk page.  That leads me to wonder once again if we should delete that column along with the category column.  The reasons are three-fold: 1) it will look odd to have blanks in it,  2) it will give our users a reason to go to the actual TALK PAGE which has additional information on it for which they may not even be aware, and 3) the timing may be good because it will give us an opportunity to have a brief discussion on web changes in next email and perhaps even do a on-line demo using ZOOM capture to ICLOUD.  
To conclude, I have a few questions:
1 — Are you ok with me populating the speaker pages for those two virtual speakers as I suggested?
2 — Are you comfortable with deleting those two columns on the previous talks page for the three reasons I suggested?
3 — Are you ok with me contacting the web team about the 3 issues I mentioned at the beginning of this email.  
PS. As mentioned earlier, I updated OUR PRAYER page.