Our Cookbooks are awesome!
They are a great addition to any kitchen!

Please explore information on our web site about these wonderful cookbooks.  You will find information on how you can make these cookbooks
change the way you make dinner. 

The cookbooks are filled with exciting stories of saints and incorporates your daily living with a saints way of life. Specifically, it has a little bio of each saint "paired" with a recipe. It's done in such a wonderful way!

One of my favorites is Blessed Margaret of Costello. She was a deformed child who was adopted by a loving couple after she was taken to a shine and not healed. This couple loved her, but the town's people did not like her at first. Eventually they came to love her.

Blessed Margaret of Costello is paired with Spinach Balls. Spinach is a vegetable not liked by most children initially. But once the kids try these, they'll love them! What a great way to remember little Margaret!

Following each saint's bio, there is also an action item as a way to imitate them for the week. It suggests little ways to love God more completely by imitating our brothers and sister who went before us. What great role models!

The Catholic Family Cookbook is a great idea for anyone wishing to nourish their Faith and the Faith of their children and grandchildren. So don't hesitate ...  but order now and raise these little ones to love Jesus and His Mother!

Recipes for Life:
A Catholic Family Cookbook

includes over 80 Saint Bios

Our Lady
In Our Hearts and Homes

includes over 110 Saint Bios & Apparitions

"Culture begins in the home,
and these recipes shared from a wealth of kitchens
will weave another generation into the precious memories
and relationships that have gone before us.
Eat heartily -- and remember that every little feast
foreshadows the Everlasting Banquet to which we're all invited!" 

~ Genevieve Kineke
Author, The Authentic Catholic Woman, wife and mother of five.