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A Few Pages from
The Recipes For Life
A Catholic Family Cookbook


The cookbook contains over 80 Saint biographies and 300 recipes with over 350 pages to explore. It's sure to encourage families to grow in God's love.

John Paul II said "The family, as the fundamental and essential educating community, is the privileged means for transmitting the religious and cultural values which help the person to acquire his or her own identity.

Use this cookbook to make dinner time "family time" and follow the suggestions on creating a "Saint Night".

Designate a special bowl to cook with while making your dinner and include the kids.

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A Few Pages from
Our Lady in Our Hearts and Homes Cookbook


Some Dividers from
Our Lady in Our Hearts and Homes Cookbook

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Some Dividers from
The Recipes For Life:
A Catholic Family Cookbook


"Culture begins in the home,
and these recipes shared from a wealth of kitchens
will weave another generation into the precious memories
and relationships that have gone before us.
Eat heartily -- and remember that every little feast
foreshadows the Everlasting Banquet to which we're all invited!" 

~ Genevieve Kineke
Author, The Authentic Catholic Woman, wife and mother of five.