April 3, 2022

Dear Ladies and Friends of TASTE,


  • This Thursday's session is our last session before our two-week Easter break.  As we prepare for Easter, this past Sunday's gospel reading (The Story of the Adulterous Woman) offers many lessons for all of us.  Having heard this reading at Mass, consider now reviewing it using the various techniques discussed by Mike.  Specifically, let's review it scene by scene from two perspectives — 1) Observing the scene from each character’s perspective and 2) Reflecting on the lesson from my own perspective.  By doing this, we gain a greater appreciation of the Benedictine's Lectio Divina, St. Clare's Visio Divina, and finally the Ignatian's Gospel Contemplation.  LINK

  • Last week, Mike Tenney gave his fifth talk in our Lenten Series on Catholic Spirituality entitled "Ignatian Spirituality: The Spiritual Exercises." Mike began his talk with a little background on St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, now commonly known as the Jesuits. Ignatius was from Spain, and like St Francis, came from a fairly well to do family. He was active on the party scene, and may be the only saint with a criminal record, stemming from some over-enthusiastic carousing. His conversion happened during a year-long forced bed rest following a war injury. He discovered the Bible and a book about the lives of the saints, including three he was particularly influenced by  St. Francis, St. Benedict, St. Dominic. After his recovery, he had some mystical experiences that led to his decision to get an education, and he went to Paris, where he met Peter Faber and Francis Xavier. Together they saw a great need for reform in the church, and formed the Society of Jesus. They are the only order without a 2nd or 3rd order. The Jesuits have one of the longest formation processes involving education and missionary work. Their formation begins and ends with a 30 day silent retreat. Some basic principles of Ignatian Spirituality include: 1) Contemplation in action (inspired by St. Francis and St. Dominic) their outlook is "to help souls," they go to the margins of society, and are known as "men for others." 2) "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" AMDG or "For the greater glory of God and the Salvation of my Soul." Everything is for the glory of God, right here, right now in this world. 3) Prayer of the imagination and heart. Includes using the distractions of the mind as a process of discernment, paying attention to consolations and desolations received in prayer. 4) Colloquy or speaking to God as a dear friend. Some famous Jesuits include Robert Bellarmine, Peter Claver, Isaac Jogues, Aloysius Gonzaga, Peter Canisius, and Pope Francis. So, how does one pray like a Jesuit? Mike gave us a handout describing three methods  Ignatian Gospel Contemplation (a type of Lectio Divina), 2) The Ignatian Examen (a short examination of conscience), and 3) Contemplation to Gain Love. We then spent some time with the third method. Our homework assignment was to try out one or more of these prayers.



  • PACK AND PRAY — The host of our space (St. Vincent Pallotti High School) is packing 40,000 meals for impoverished families in dire need overseas.  If you would like to contribute to this incredible act of mercy, please bring your donation on Thursday.  Checks can be made out to St. Vincent Pallotti High School for “Pack and Pray”.  Each dollar supports 3 nutritious meals for the hungry.
  • OUR LAST PRESENTATION — On May 5th, Fr. Larry Swink will answer any question you have about our faith, what is happening in our world today, etc.!  In order to prepare, he asks that we submit all questions to him two weeks in advance, so you may send your questions by responding to this email or by giving them to us at this week’s gathering;
  • VETO REQUESTED FOR MARYLAND'S ABORTION BILLS — HB937/SB890 Abortion Care Access Act – Passed in the House and Senate, now on Governor Hogan's desk. This bill puts abortion profits before patients. It commits public funding for abortion ($3.5 million per year to train non-physician abortionists) and diverts public funds from lifesaving alternatives to abortion including access to quality reproductive health care that includes the supervision of a licensed medical physician. Please send a message to Governor Hogan to veto this bad bill at TAKE ACTION.  While there, check out further information on HB1171 Right to Reproductive Liberty (the Abortion Amendment) and HB626/SB669 Pregnant Persons Freedom Act (Infanticide Bill) as well.  Given that we are in the final days of session, do not grow weary. Our voice has been powerful - making a huge difference in the fight for LIFE.
  • MARY'S WAY OF THE CROSS — Everyone is cordially invited to “Mary’s Way of the Cross,” a meditative reflection on the Stations as seen through Mary’s eyes, presented by the women’s ministry at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Ellicott City on Monday, April 11, at 7:00 pm.  For more information please email Teresa Jeschke at
  • UPCOMING  ICC  CLASS   The Institute of Catholic Culture is offering a new on-line class entitled "Catholic Bioethics." Learn not only what the Church teaches, but why.  Registration is now open for this class which runs from May 16 until October 17. The class is free. See HERE for details.


  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please also pray for:
    • All our TASTE sisters, especially Kate Christianson, Katylee McInerney, Geraldine Broglio, Patti Fisher's father William J. Ferguson, and Susan (Suzi) Shelton-Der who is taking her nursing boards on April 5th.
    • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink as well as all of the priests in the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses, especially those of whom you may have spiritually adopted.
    • Our speakers and their families — especially: 1) Susan Conroy for her health, 2) Colleen Duggan and family - baby Caleb and  3) Sister Mary Michael Fox: a special intention concerning her family.
    • Supreme Court Justices and All Judges  Please let us all pray today for wisdom, strength, and courage for our Supreme Court Justices and all judges and for Life to be victorious.
    • New prayer requests can be sent to Joy Parker at


  • FR. SWINK'S WEBSITE  His new website called Quis ut Deus includes information on future retreats, talks, videos, pilgrimages, and recollections.  We have permanently included this LINK on Fr. Swink's speaker page for future reference.
  • USCCB & SUPREME COURT — For a reminder of prayer intentions for the USCCB and Supreme Court, please view this LINK and see UPDATE.
  • LOGISTICS — For a reminder of any information associated with zoom small group, parking, masks, public health, babysitting, or registration, please view this LINK.
  • DONATIONS — For a reminder of how to donate to TASTE or the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord, please view this LINK.
Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!