February 27, 2022

Dear Ladies and Friends of TASTE,


  • Ash Wednesday (March 2nd) is the beginning of Lent.  It is not a Holy Day of Obligation, yet receiving ashes is a universal practice among Christians to begin our Lenten journeys.  Fr. Antony Kadavil says "The cross of ashes means that we are making a commitment – that we are undertaking Lent as a season of prayer and penitence, of dying to ourselves. It also describes our human condition: it says that we are broken and need repair; that we are sinners and need redemption. Most importantly, it tells us that, as followers of Jesus Christ, we are to carry our crosses.”  Let us enter into the season of Lent by reflecting on these words and making a commitment to Christ.
  • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink, launched a new website and Facebook page for his new non-profit organization called Quis ut Deus. His future retreats, talks, videos, pilgrimages, and recollections will be posted through this venue. Check it out at your convenience.  LINK
  • This week, we welcomed back our very own Sister Mary Michael Fox  who gave a talk entitled "Blessed, Broken, Given: Living a Eucharistic Life." Our Lord was blessed, broken and given for the world, and we are called to join Him in that Eucharistic way of living. She reminded us that we are all being "BLESSED" right now, in this very moment, and can recognize God's blessings throughout the day, and often find them in the ordinary things, little moments of grace. She told us that everything that comes from God is a perfect gift, not just the "good" things, but everything that comes from Him is good and blessed and perfect. It's not easy, but it is perfect! She then discussed "BROKEN" - we are all broken by events that cause suffering. Suffering is an integral part of our lives as Christians. Suffering is ultimately an essential part of our Eucharistic Life. She then went into some detail about the why of suffering, particularly redemptive suffering and used several examples from the scriptures. In the end, we can follow Jesus' lead - He never promised to take our suffering away, He just showed us what to do with it - give it to the Father for others, for the world. And so, we are "GIVEN". Jesus invites us to take our sufferings, allow God to bless them, and give them over for the salvation of the world, for family, for friends, for random sinners, for souls in purgatory. The possibilities are endless in this broken world. It is impossible to do justice to Sister's beautiful talk in a short paragraph. If you have not seen it yet, watch it; if you were there, or saw it already, consider watching it again. Her talk is a beautiful way to enter into the most sacred season of our liturgical year.



  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please also pray for:
    • All our TASTE sisters, especially Kate Christianson, Katylee McInerney, and Geraldine Broglio.
    • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink as well as all of the priests in the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses, especially those of whom you may have spiritually adopted.
    • Our speakers and their families — especially: 1) Susan Conroy for her health and 2) Colleen Duggan and her baby, who the doctors are saying has a 90% chance of having Downs syndrome.
    • Supreme Court Justices  Please let us all pray today for wisdom, strength, and courage for our Supreme Court Justices and for Life to be victorious.
    • New prayer requests can be sent to Joy Parker at
  • UKRAINE — One of our own, Maryella Hierholzer wrote another article for the National Catholic Register. It is entitled "Watch This Malcolm Muggeridge Documentary on Ukraine, Then Add Your Voice to His".  This is a very timely article and was published February 21, 2022.  LINK.  Let all of us lift our prayers to the Ukrainian people and the whole world for a Godly end to this conflict.
  • LENTEN EVENT — One of our speakers, Fr. Dave Pivonka, will be giving a lecture at St. Francis in Fulton on March 11th following the 7pm-Stations of the Cross.  This talk is part of their 40 Hour Devotion.   LINK


  • USCCB & SUPREME COURT — For a reminder of prayer intentions for the USCCB and Supreme Court, please view this LINK and see UPDATE.
  • LOGISTICS — For a reminder of any information associated with zoom small group, parking, masks, public health, babysitting, or registration, please view this LINK.
  • SNOW  As a reminder, we try to wait until close to our meeting to get the most current read of the weather before making a decision.  In light of this, whenever the weather is questionable, we send out an email. LINK
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Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!