November 21, 2021

Dear Ladies and Friends of TASTE,
  • As we prepare to gather with loved ones for our Thanksgiving meals, we want to wish all of you, your family, and friends a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving!  You will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers, especially during the weeks we will not be together.
  • We wanted to update you on our TASTE schedule for the remainder of the year. Obviously, we will NOT meet on Thanksgiving Day, and will resume the following week on December 2. We will have one final session on December 9 before our 4 week Christmas break. Then, we will resume TASTE on January 13, 2022.
  • ST. JOSEPH VIDEO —  As we announced prior to our last session, we did not have a live speaker on November 18th due to the scheduled speaker having a medical issue.  As a backup plan and by divine providence, we watched a video about the Holy Family from St. Joseph's perspective.  This video seemed appropriate to commemorate the near closure of the Year of St. Joseph and to segue into Advent and our next couple of talks.  If you were not at our last meeting and have about 50 minutes before our next meeting, we encourage you to watch it.  In using his artistic license, the writer and actor gives us greater insight into the Holy Family as demonstrated by their tenderness, love, and obedience.  This video reaches a powerful crescendo at the end which brought many of us to tears.   We believe it will have many of us reflecting on it especially as we set up our nativity this year.  LINK
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers.  Please pray for:
    • All our TASTE sisters, especially Kate Christianson and Kay Robinson (Jennifer's D's mom).
    • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink as well as all of the priests in the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses, especially those of whom you may have spiritually adopted.
    • Our speakers — especially: 1) Theresa Bonapartis for healing of her back, 2) Susan Conroy for her health, 3) Sr. Mary Michael Fox, for healing of her sister Chris from metastatic cancer, and for the completion of her new book, and 4) Colleen Duggan and her baby, who the doctors are saying has a 90% chance of having Downs syndrome.
    • New prayer requests can be sent to Joy Parker at


  • USCCB & SUPREME COURT — For a reminder of prayer intentions for the USCCB and Supreme Court, please view this LINK.
  • LOGISTICS — For a reminder of any information associated with zoom small group, parking, masks, public health, babysitting, or registration, please view this LINK.
  • DONATIONS — Thank you for your generous donations to TASTE and the SSVM sisters in Upper Marlboro.  The picture above is from our recent drop-off.  For a reminder of how to donate to TASTE or the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord, please view this LINK.
Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!