November 7, 2021

Dear Ladies and Friends of TASTE,
  • This week, we celebrate the Dedication of Saint John Lateran Basilica on November 9th. Most Catholics think of St. Peter’s as the pope’s main church, but it is not. St. John Lateran is the pope’s church, the cathedral of the Diocese of Rome where the Bishop of Rome presides. Beneath its high altar rest the remains of the small wooden table on which tradition holds Saint Peter himself celebrated Mass.  Unlike the commemorations of other Roman churches, this anniversary is a Feast Day.  To learn more about its history and architecture, see this LINK.
  • This past week, Bill Keimig gave a talk entitled "Spiritual Combat." Bill has been a speaker at TASTE since its earliest of days, and frequently ran some of our Lenten Series when he lived in Maryland. He is now in Steubenville, Ohio, but still comes to visit us every year. It was wonderful to welcome him back this year in person after last year's virtual visit. Bill gave us a much-to-ponder and sobering talk on Spiritual Combat in our Church Militant. He told us that Satan likes to work quietly and gradually, taking his time to cultivate his reign of terror on earth. We learned about the nature and power of demons and how they work in our every day lives. He also taught us about our power as Christians to combat the demons, including many things we may already know - the power of prayer, fasting and alms giving, the sacramentals and the sacraments. Finally he left us with some combat tactics, the importance of acts of faith, of humility among others. These are dark times, but we remain people of Hope. In addition to the audio and video of the talk, you can find Bill's wonderful handout at the link above.



  • THIS WEEK'S DISCUSSION— We will reflect on Bill Keimig's  talk entitled "Spiritual Combat." The audio and video of this talk and Reflection Questions are included HERE.  


  • RACE RELATIONS AND CULTURAL SENSITIVITY — Msgr. Pope will be giving a talk on this topic on 9 November @ 7:30 PM at St. Mary of the Mills Church.  LINK.
  • TASTE MEMBER HAS PUBLISHED AGAIN — This week, one of our TASTE Members, Maryella Hierholzer, published another article in the National Catholic Register.  In this article, she encourages all Christians to be a "LIGHT" to others.  Additionally, a couple weeks ago, she published yet another article: LINK.  This week has been a busy week for Maryella since she also moved from Maryland to Indiana.  While we are going to miss her physical presence at TASTE, she expects to participate virtually.
  • BIBLE IN A YEAR — For any of you who wanted to follow along with the Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz, but either didn’t start or fell way behind and got discouraged, starting tomorrow Tuesday, November 9th, we will be in the New Testament for the remainder of the year. This will be a great time to join us in reading God's Word about Jesus and the Church He established, especially as a devotion during the final days of the Liturgical year, Advent, and Christmas. Be aware that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John have already been covered earlier in the year, but the Gospel of Luke and the entire rest of the New Testament will be read starting tomorrow. For more information, go to LINK.
  • SUMMIT FOR CATHOLIC MOMS  Colleen Duggan as well as Melanie Owens (who will be speaking in January with her husband) are among 32 women presenters (including Kimberly Hahn) who will be speaking at this year's summit from November 12-14.  They will be going deep with honest conversations and practical use-it-today guidance on the issues that moms face.  It's free, unless you want to spring for the all access pass. LINK
  • LOGISTICS — For a reminder of any information associated with zoom small group, parking, masks, public health, babysitting, or registration, please view this LINK.
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers.  Please pray for:
    • All our TASTE sisters, Kate Christianson, Patty Aghdam, Kay Robinson (Jennifer's D's mom).
    • Our spiritual director, Fr. Larry Swink as well as all of the priests in the Baltimore and Washington Archdioceses, especially those of whom you may have spiritually adopted.
    • Our speakers — especially: 1) Susan Conroy for her health, 2) Sr. Mary Michael Fox as she is working to complete her new book, and 3) Colleen Duggan and her baby, who the doctors are saying has a 90% chance of having Downs syndrome. (Colleen and her husband John are at peace with the diagnosis, but need prayers for navigating their conversations with the doctors as well as all of the information that’s being thrown at them.)
    • New prayer requests can be sent to Joy Parker at
  • USCCB — Please pray for members of the USCCB as they will be discussing the sensitive topic of reception of Holy Communion by those who publicly promote abortion at their upcoming conference. There has been much attention on this critical issue because: 1) it is a matter of life and death for the unborn, 2) the Church must safeguard the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist, 3) Priests and Bishops have a responsibility to care for the eternal salvation of souls who are sinning against the 5th commandment and committing sacrilege by receiving unworthily Holy Communion, and 4) We must always avoid scandal which can lead many souls away from God, truth, and salvation.  Please pray for truth, courage, virtue, and holiness throughout this conference.  DETAILS
  • SUPREME COURT — There are two abortion cases being put forth before the Supreme Court.  In one case, they will be considering two legal challenges to TEXAS’ pro-life heartbeat law beginning November 1st.  In the other case, they will be reviewing a MISSISSIPPI case regarding late term abortion beginning on December 1st. Please continue to pray for wisdom and courage for our Justices and good outcomes in both of these cases.
Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!