January 17, 2021

Ladies of TASTE,
  • This Thursday (Jan 21st) will be the 3rd anniversary of the passing of Marian Frentz (TASTE Founder).  In the spirit of remembering her, we encourage everyone to: 1) review our web page for her LINK and 2) continue to honor her request to not only pray for priests (which we do each time when we are together), but also to pray for TASTE LINK.
  • What a joy it was to have Sr. Mary Michael Fox give a talk called "Good Grief! I'm Still Not a Saint!".   We look forward to having her back again this week.  To help reinforce the message of her talk, you may want to listen to this song by Bob Carlisle — LINK.


  • NEW TALK — This week, we welcome back Sr. Mary Michael Fox, O.P., who will be giving a talk titled "Surrendering the Person I Am to the Person I Ought to Be."  This talk will be live streamed and can be watched in the comfort of your home Thursday morning at 10:30 or anytime after it has been uploaded to our website.  Access this zoom session via this LINK with the password: TASTE2020   The Zoom meeting invitation is attached for further options and complete instructions.  Remember, we are not meeting at St. Mary's until further notice.
  • SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY:  As you may recall, we announced that we had a few spots available to come see Sr. Mary Michael Fox, OP in person for her talks which are scheduled for this week and next.  While TASTE members have signed up for these slots. there may be slots remaining and therefore we wanted to alert women to check the sign up Wednesday and even Thursday morning for any late cancellations.  The link for the Sign up is HERE


  • THIS WEEK'S DISCUSSION — We will reflect on Sr. Mary Michael Fox's talk "Good Grief! I'm Still Not a Saint!"  The video of this talk and Reflection Questions are included HERE.
    • For those planning to attend small group, you can use this LINK to always access materials to prepare for small group each week.
    • If you have not yet participated, but would like to, please make sure you have the Zoom app installed on your phone, tablet or computer.  LINK  See attached notes.
  • Please feel free to drop in to any of the virtual small groups (Zoom) that best meet your schedule.  Zoom small groups will last for 30 minutes:
    • MONDAYs from 10:00 - 10:30 facilitated by Maria Montgomery and Karen Schembari
    • TUESDAYs from 3:00 - 3:30 facilitated by Jennifer Dougherty and Debbie Schmidt
    • WEDNESDAYs from 11:00 - 11:30 facilitated by Mary Giesey and Lori Putman
  • Access the meeting via this LINK with the password: TASTE2020 The Zoom meeting invitation is attached for further options and complete instructions.


  • UPCOMING TALKS   Would you like to view the upcoming list of speakers and talks? We have updated our website with the listing of all talks.  LINK  
  • THE CHOSEN —  According to EWTN, many people have been watching "The Chosen" during the pandemic.  It is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus Christ and was created outside of the Hollywood system.  This series of shows allows us to see Jesus through the eyes of those who knew Him and is appropriate for people at ANY point in their faith journey.   So far, there have been 8 episodes for season 1 and they are all available for free either: 1) on the Chosen App from Apple and Google's App Store LINK or 2) on YouTube LINK.
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please pray for Laura Chighizola for her personal medical conditions and for several family members battling COVID. Please continue to keep Gini Linsenmeyer, Helen Martin, Kate Christianson, Evelyn Dunne, Katylee McInerney, Betty Albanesi and Cristl Spicer (daughter of Cathy Homens) in your prayers. New prayer requests can be made to Joy Parker at joyparker73@gmail.com.
Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!