January 3, 2021

Ladies of TASTE,
  • Happy Feast of the Epiphany!  Although we know that the Church celebrates the "revealing" of Our Lord to the Magi on this feast day, what few Catholics may know is how this feast day is purposefully nested within a set of 4 unveilings. First is the Nativity where God is "revealed" in the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds. Next, God "revealed" the divinity of Jesus — not just to the Jews, but to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.  Here, we understand that God comes for "all" people. Next Sunday, God the Father "reveals" Christ as His Beloved Son in the Baptism of Our Lord.  Finally, the following Sunday, is the Celebration of the Wedding Feast of Cana. It is here that the miracle of water and wine "reveals" Christ's divinity.  To learn more about these feast days and the wisdom of the Church in developing the liturgical calendar, begin listening 16 minutes into this video to hear a homily by Fr. Chris Alar. LINK


  • CHRISTMAS BREAK — Remember, there will be no talk this week.  We will resume on 1/14/21.  The upcoming schedule is now posted on our website — LINK.  You will see that Sr. Mary Michael Fox will be presenting a three-part series to take us through the end of January.   Each of these talks will be live streamed and can be watched in the comfort of your home Thursday morning at 10:30 or anytime after it has been uploaded to our website.  Access this zoom session via this LINK with the password: TASTE2020   The Zoom meeting invitation is attached for further options and complete instructions.  Remember, we are not meeting at St. Mary's until further notice.


  • FREE BIBLE CONFERENCE — Do you want to know and read the Bible more, but don't know where to start?  Attend the free virtual Catholic Conference from 8-10 January 2021.  LINK
  • TASTE DONATIONS — We want to thank all who generously made end-of-year TASTE donations.  It is greatly appreciated and helps to defray our costs.
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please pray for Laura Chighizola for her personal medical conditions and for several family members battling COVID. Please continue to keep Gini Linsenmeyer, Helen Martin, Kate Christianson, Evelyn Dunne, Katylee McInerney, Betty Albanesi and Cristl Spicer (daughter of Cathy Homens) in your prayers. New prayer requests can be made to Joy Parker at joyparker73@gmail.com.
  • COVID VACCINES Many have heard controversy about the COVID vaccines and may be wondering what the Church's position is on addressing ethical concerns.  Here is some guidance that summarizes Church teaching on the aborted cell line discussion:  We bear a moral obligation to never participate in evil. We may use vaccines that derive from aborted children (MMR, hep A, chicken pox) only within the following parameters: 1) there is a grave health risk at stake (public health can fulfill this condition); 2) we have made a grave effort to seek alternatives, but there are no alternatives; 3) objection must be voiced; 4) request must be made for moral alternatives; 5) other appropriate contesting must be undertaken to avoid implying approval and to increase action for moral alternatives.  We are including a SHORT RELEASE from the USCCB as well as the FULL STATEMENT.
Joy, Michele, Carolyn, and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!