May 12, 2020

Dearest TASTE ladies -

In last week’s email, we mentioned that we will be hosting a TASTE-wide Zoom meeting on Thursday (5/14) at 9:30 am!  We look forward to seeing everyone in this virtual meeting in lieu of our May crowning ceremony and Pot Luck Luncheon.  This session will give us an opportunity to see one another and have our end of year wrap-up discussion.  In anticipation of this discussion, please consider:  What stood out to you this year at TASTE?  What new thoughts or spiritual lessons did you glean from TASTE? Please continue to read below info so that you can prepare Wednesday for our Zoom meeting Thursday.
  • Please take a moment and click on this EVITE link to let us know if you anticipate attending.  LINK
  • While we have used Zoom a few times to meet amongst the Core Team and Service Team, this will be our first trial with such a big group.  Based on our past experience and what we know about hosting an even larger group,  we believe it would be helpful to pass along information on two topics — 1) methods to make the Zoom meeting itself as smooth as possible and 2) information to help you sign in and prepare for the meeting.  In spite of this planning, we ask for your patience and prayers as the technology can sometimes be a little challenging especially when hosting such a large event.
Looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday!
Christ is Risen!  Alleluia! Alleluia!
Carolyn, Joy, Michele and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!
Methods to make the Zoom meeting itself as smooth as possible
We love each and every one of you and wish we had unlimited time to chat as much as we would like, but because of the limitations of zoom (especially that 2 or more people can't speak at the same time without cancelling each other out), we will need to ask you to do the following if you would like to share something with us:
  • MUTE — Everyone will be muted in order to hear the person speaking.
  • RAISE HAND — When you would like to speak, please raise your hand. To do this in Zoom, simply click on “Participants” and you will see a symbol of a raised hand. If several of you raise your hand at the same time, we will ask you to keep your hands raised so that we can record all the names. We will then call on you one at a time
  • RENAME — Given that we will be working off of a list of participant names to call on you, if your name shows up as your computer name and is generic (e.g. IPAD or Mary), we would appreciate it if you can make the name displayed more distinct.  To change the name being shown, simply click on participants, then click on yourself and hit the rename button which will either be shown or within the more button. If for security purposes, you don’t want it to be your full name, that is fine, but just attempt to make it unique.
  • TIME LIMIT — To give everyone a chance to speak at least once, it's important to limit everyone to 1 minute, or 2 minutes at the most.  But, if everyone has had a chance to share and we still have time remaining, feel free to raise your hand again to share a little more with the group.
  • VIRTUAL CROWNING — If we miraculously have time remaining at the end, and everyone who wants to speak has had enough time to do so, we can pray a decade of the rosary together as our way of “virtually” crowning the Blessed Mother.
  • LEAVE AS NEEDED — Our meeting will last until 11:00, but if you need to leave the meeting early, we want you to feel free to do so. You don't have to be excused, just hover your cursor over the zoom toolbar, and the option to "leave meeting" will appear.
Information to help you sign in and prepare for the meeting
Before diving into instructions, we want to tailor them based on the type of users we anticipate.  We believe our women will fall into 1 of 3 categories.
  1. Those who have already use Zoom to collaborate
  2. Those who have never used Zoom, but are going to try using it
  3. Those who will not be able to attend for a variety of reasons

Based on the category that best fits your situation, see the specialized comments
(Note that any underlined text below is a linkable URL):

1) For those who have already use Zoom to collaborate:

Simply click on JOIN MEETING a few minutes before 9:30 am on May 14th
Or use Meeting ID: 816 2049 1702 from your application
The Password is TASTE

2) For those who have never used it, but are going to try using it:

Step A — Establish a Zoom account using 1 of 2 approaches:
  • From your computer, create a Zoom account following the directions on ZOOM.   (Click on the upper right blue box that says "Sign up, it is free”).
  • From your phone or tablet, download the Zoom app from your app store.
Step B — Join the Meeting using 1 of 2 approaches
  • From your computer, about 5 minutes before the start of the meeting, click on JOIN MEETING.  The password is TASTE.  Assuming you have not used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download the software.  Attached is step-by-step directions.  Once you are in, don’t forget to Join with Video and Join with Computer Audio
  • From your phone or tablet, type the Meeting ID 816 2049 1702 to join.  The password is TASTE.  In order to have people hear you, you will likely be prompted to call using internet audio or dial in.  Using internet audio is easiest since you just press that button.  If however, you need to dial in, you can use either of these phone numbers.   1-301-715-8592 or 1-929-205-6099.