March 29, 2020

Dear Ladies of TASTE, 

As Palm Sunday and Easter quickly approach, it is clear that each of us will be following Governor Hogan's direction to "Shelter in Place."  Though we may be isolated from one another physically and terribly miss receiving the Eucharist, we are not alone!  Christ is suffering with us and desires to feed us through spiritual communion, our Prayer/Adoration, and Christian fellowship.  Moreover, Jesus wants to protect you and your family and thus, Fr. Chris Alar strongly recommends each household bless a picture of the Divine Mercy Image and put it on their front door.   LINK   PICTURE

This period of not being able to receive Jesus reminds us of how the souls in Purgatory must feel. And just as they rejoice knowing that there will be a day when they are called to Heaven, we too rejoice knowing that this too shall pass, and we will once again be able to receive Christ in the Eucharist, join in community at Mass, and engage in other spiritual events with our Christian brothers and sisters.

In spite of this, if you are having trouble during these challenging times, a simple ACT OF FAITH will produce great graces. And remember, our Blessed Mother loves all of us and is interceding constantly for us. We would like to share a message from an ARTICLE in the National Catholic Register.

"Our Christian hope always rests in God — yet as we recall throughout Holy Week, this hope did not arise in the context of comfort and security. It arose from Jesus Christ’s victory over sin and death, purchased for us through the excruciating sufferings of his passion and death on the cross at Golgotha, abandoned and almost entirely alone. But out of that seeming disaster was born the resurrection of Easter, the reason for our hope both here and in the hereafter."

This week at TASTE

  • NEW TALK — While we normally provide one talk each week, we are making available three of them: 1) because they compliment each other so much, 2) in case you have heard one or two of these before, and 3) because some women may have more time on their hands now and would appreciate the variety (while others have less).  
    • SCOTT HAHN's talk on THE LAMB'S SUPPER is available.  Please note that while this talk is on YouTube, it is actually just an audio talk with a static image in the background.
    • FR. MIKE SCHMITZ: "PRAY THE MASS LIKE NEVER BEFORE" | SEEK2019 — As you listen to this talk, please bear in mind that his audience is college students and some of his humor and slang reflect that. The subject matter is solidly Catholic and he gives a beautiful and powerful perspective of how we are to pray the Mass.
    • As a supplement for all of these talks, see Fr. Rubeling’s HANDOUT on the Mass called "Mass 101"
  • LAST WEEK's TALK — If you have not listened to it yet, BILL KEIMIG'S talk is available on-line  PRAYING BIBLE WITH LECTIO DIVINA.
  • SCRIPTURAL ROSARY — As many of you know, we typically pray a scriptural rosary the first Thursday of the month.  As you pray your rosary, consider using this LINK.

Special Prayer Request:

  • COVID REQUESTS — We pray for all people affected by Coronavirus worldwide.  We pray that God may put a protective hand on all of the women of TASTE and our loved ones.  We pray for all people being tested for COVID, especially those who get a positive diagnosis.  We pray for all medical personnel on the front lines who selflessly care for the sick. We pray for all people whose livelihood is being impacted by various closures. We pray for businesses and individuals who are developing treatments and vaccines as well as making available masks, ventilators, hand sanitizers and other supplies. We pray for our Federal, State, and Local Government employees who are carefully monitoring this crisis and taking action to minimize its impact.
  • CONTINUED REQUESTS — Please continue prayers for: Kate Christianson, Gini Linsenmeyer, Linda Johnson, Kay Robinson, Jan Scott, Cathy Farinelli, Laura Chighizola, Donna Simms d'Almeida, Della Grace Wark, and Fr. John Rapisarda.  Additionally, please pray for Lisa Strawser, a young woman suffering from a  fast spreading cancer. Please pray that doctors may find an effective treatment and that Lisa may be given peace and comfort.
  • NEW REQUESTS — Please contact Carolyn Horton - if you are in need of prayer for a significant health concern and would like to be on the prayer list.


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Blessings! Carolyn & Joy
Jesus, I Trust in You!