March 15, 2020

Dear Ladies of TASTE, 

Last week, we mentioned that we are suspending TASTE for at least the next two weeks (3/19 and 3/25).  As we have received the latest input on CoronaVirus from the federal and state government, it is looking more and more likely that our suspension will be further extended.  Based on that, we have been considering how best to meet our goals, share talks, and stay connected with each of you.  We have come up with a three-prong approach that aligns nicely to our mission:

  • Mission 1: Reveal the beauty of Catholicism through authentic Church teaching offered by priests and lay persons on fire for their faith
    • While we cannot now have talks in the chapel with all of our women present, we can make talks available to you that relate to our Lenten Series.  To this end, in lieu of Fr. Pat Lewis' scheduled talk, "Tips for Developing and Maintaining a Strong Prayer Life" we are offering 2 videos by Fr. Larry Swink on Prayer.
    • Click on the link below and then scroll down to the last 2 talks. Both talks are very good at teaching how to make prayer a habit, how to address issues such as distraction, dryness, and how to make prayer more fruitful. LINK
    • If you don't have time right away to watch both videos in their entirety, we recommend starting the first Prayer video at around minute 33:15 and watching how to overcome the obstacles to prayer. Then, the 2nd Prayer video goes into greater detail about making your prayer life more fruitful. But again, both videos are definitely worth watching in their entirety when you have time.
    • Supplemental information — The article that Fr. Larry Swink references in the 2nd Prayer video.  ARTICLE.  Fr. also includes a link to this clip on Prayer by Fr. Mike Schmitz of Ascension Presents. LINK.   Finally, Fr. Swink offered an excellent short message to his parish and it offers the perspective he always gives....keep working towards holiness and remember God is in charge. MESSAGE
  • Mission 2: Lead women to a deeper appreciation of their feminine dignity through prayer, study and fellowship founded on the transformative love of Christ
    • PRAYER — Often times, we pray a Scriptural Rosary after TASTE talks.  How can we continue this practice?  If you don’t already, perhaps you would like to pray the Rosary along with EWTN during one of these times — 7:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM, and 9:30 PM.
    • STUDY — Many of our members have subscriptions to and regularly read the Magnificat and/or The Word Among Us.  To support Catholics during this challenging time when many Catholics do not have access to Mass, the publishers of  both journals are making their websites FREE to everyone.  THE MAGNIFICAT and THE WORD AMONG US
    • FELLOWSHIP  We are looking into setting up an on-line meeting where our women can have fellowship in small or large groups — whether it be to discuss a talk or simply to check on each other.  Once set up, this same solution can be used to pray the Rosary together.  We are looking into using Zoom and Information will be forthcoming on this.
  • Mission 3: Encourage priests in their ministry through prayer, sacrifice and generous assistance in building up the Body of Christ.
    • We ask that you continue to PRAY FOR OUR PRIESTS during this challenging time.  Though they continue to say mass each day, it is without their congregation.  How unusual that must feel.  Additionally, as a shepherd of their flock, they are working to ensure all of the needs of their parishioners are being met.
    • Finally, many churches need lay ministers to help with tasks that need to be done.  This may include checking in on our older members and passing along the information to your church.  If you have time, perhaps you can reach out to your parish and offer support.

PACK AND PRAY: Pallotti HS has delayed this year’s event until March 2021. If you gave us a check for Pack and Pray, it will be mailed back to you unless you email Joy that you’d like it shredded (just reply to this EMAIL). We raised almost $500! If you donated cash we will add it to next year’s gift to Pallotti. Thank you all for your generous donations.

As you take advantage of any of these options, please be assured of our prayers for all of you and your families. Please know that the leadership team will continue to coordinate and update you through the end of the semester.

Blessings! Carolyn & Joy
Jesus, I Trust in You!