January 5, 2020

Dear Ladies of TASTE, 

Happy New Year!  We are already praying that 2020 will be filled with blessing from Our Lord for you and your family.  TASTE will resume on Thursday January 16, 2020.  

This week at TASTE  

  • SERVICE TEAM -  Your facilitators will be meeting this week to pray for TASTE and to finalize plans for our spring semester.
  • MID YEAR SURVEY - Provides us with important information about how TASTE is going for you and what you need.  Please complete it as soon as possible.  SURVEY LINK
  • We do not meet this week! We will see you NEXT week.

Prayer Requests

  • TASTE PROGRAM & MEMBERS - Please pray for the TASTE program and all her members. (TASTE Prayer Card)  Prayers for the Holy Spirit's guidance of the service team and prayers for new volunteers to the ministry are especially appreciated.

Upcoming Events in the Area

  • LIVE On-line Courses by Susan Brinkmann
    • PRAY LIKE A CATHOLIC - When people learn about the true breadth of Catholic prayer, they’re blown away. Most Catholics spend their whole life thinking our prayer begins and ends with rote prayers and that only nuns and priests can go further. So did I! And then one day I was introduced to St. Teresa of Avila’s “Four Waters” which explains how far we can go – and how the only requirement to do so is nothing more than genuine love of God. If you can love, you can go the distance in prayer. I went on to become a discalced Carmelite secular and now I teach this course to anyone who’s interested. My students tell me all the time, “I’ve never prayed the same way again” and “It totally changed my prayer life.” If you’d like to start out this New Year by having your eyes opened to a whole new way of communicating with God, join us on-line on Thursday evenings from 8-9PM beginning January 9 and ending on February 6! Click here for more information.  REGISTER
    • MINDFUL LIKE A CATHOLIC - Why are so many Catholics falling into the popular mindfulness movement when the Church has an even more effective version that’s been around for hundreds of years. And our version of mindful living comes with a perk – peace of soul. By combining two devotions - The Practice of the Presence of God and the Sacrament of the Present Moment – we not only learn how to live in the present, but how to do so in the Presence. With God involved, it’s a whole new game. Our version is much easier because we can rely on grace to help us. The popular version of mindfulness offers nothing more than a few Buddhist meditation tricks. True Catholic mindfulness permeates us to the soul and becomes a way of life, not just a temporary exercise to curb anxiety. If you want to learn how to life mindfully in an authentically Catholic way, join us on January 18 for an on-line 90-minute workshop from 1-3PM EST. REGISTER.

Blessings! Carolyn & Joy
Jesus, I Trust in You!