November 8, 2020

Dear Ladies of TASTE,

  • We have a very important update about our Spiritual Adoption of Priests program:  We are in urgent need for additional women to adopt a priest as we have many more priests than volunteers at this point. This year has been very challenging for our priests with the changes the pandemic has presented. They especially need our prayers now. One of the primary missions of the TASTE program is "to encourage priests in their ministry through prayer, sacrifice and generous assistance in building up the Body of Christ."   To sign up, simply contact Jennifer Dougherty at or 240-522-1596.
  • At the conclusion of our last talk, one of our attendees said Fr. Ebuka Mbanude's talk was magnificent!  He shared a comprehensive talk on Living the Beatitudes More Joyfully, Faithfully, and Lovingly by fully describing what each one meant and interweaving other scripture references as good examples. If you haven't heard it yet, please don't miss it!


  • NEW TALK — This week, we welcome back Joan Watson, who was scheduled to be with us in the Spring, but was cancelled due to COVID.  In her talk titled "Your Life is a Pilgrimage," she will discuss her life changing experiences while on pilgrimage.  Please note that this talk will be "in person" which means there will be an audio posted on the website, but NO live video/Zoom simulcast.


  • THIS WEEK'S DISCUSSION — We will reflect on Fr. Ebuka Mbanude's talk Living the Beatitudes More Joyfully, Faithfully, and Lovingly.  The audio of his talk and Reflection Questions are included HERE.
    • For those planning to attend small group, you can use this LINK to always access materials to prepare for small group each week.
    • If you have not yet participated, but would like to, please make sure you have the Zoom app installed on your phone, tablet or computer.  LINK  See attached notes.
  • Please feel free to drop in to any of the virtual small groups (Zoom) that best meet your schedule.  Zoom small groups will last for 30 minutes:
    • MONDAYs from 10:00 - 10:30 facilitated by Maria Montgomery and Karen Schembari
    • TUESDAYs from 3:00 - 3:30 facilitated by Jennifer Dougherty and Debbie Schmidt
    • WEDNESDAYs from 11:00 - 11:30 facilitated by Mary Giesey and Lori Putman
  • Access the meeting via this LINK with the password in email. The Zoom meeting invitation is attached for further options and complete instructions.


  • UPCOMING TALKS   Would you like to view the upcoming list of speakers and talks? We have updated our website with the listing of all talks through December 2020.  LINK  
  • PRAYER REQUESTS —  Several of our TASTE sisters need our prayers. Please continue to keep Gini Linsenmeyer, Helen Martin, Kate Christianson, Katylee McInerney, and Betty Albanesi in your prayers.  Please also pray for Evelyn Dunne (a former member who many may know) who has Parkinson's and recently lost her husband to Covid-19. New prayer requests can be made to Joy Parker at
  • AFTER THE ELECTION — At TASTE this past week, we played this video from Fr. Dave Pivonka. He gave us such encouraging words of wisdom on how we can respond after the election.  LINK
  • BE AT PEACE — Many people are struggling with wanting to be in control and also have some anxieties surrounding the election results.  Please see Saint Frances de Sales' Prayer -- "Be at Peace".  LINK
Carolyn, Joy, Michele and Karen
Jesus, I trust in You!