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The TASTE Program
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September 20, 2018 - May 9, 2019

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Our amazing speakers and topics !

Are you Catholic but don't really feel like you understand your faith?

Have you tried Bible Studies but feel you need more?

Are you looking for an island of sanity in an upside-down world?

Are you restless and want something more in life?

Have you wandered away from the Catholic faith
and just arent quite sure where you belong or how to come back?

Are you lonely, sometimes down right depressed and don't know
where or what to turn to?

Do you feel that you coast along with a "whatever" attitude
hoping there will be time to get serious about your faith...later?

Are you a faithful Catholic but not sure how to tell others about your faith?

Are you a convert yearning to come to a place
where Catholics discuss the richness of the faith and have fun and fellowship?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES,
then come to TASTE and fall completely in love with
Jesus and what He did for you.

Our First Day Back! Fr. Larry Swink kicks off our first talk !

What's Being Said...

TASTE Testimonials

"The program has exceeded my expectations. Although I look very forward to the guest speakers, I'm finding the discussion in groups amazing. The discussion questions are thought provoking and I enjoy listening to others input. My life is extremely busy and fast paced and in our secular world, it is finally so nice to sit down for a few minutes...put demands aside and really talk about my Catholic beliefs with other women."

"I wasn't sure about joining another program as I've been to several Bible Studies and they just weren't what I needed. I wanted to learn about my faith and not just discuss what I thought a Bible passage meant to me. TASTE is exactly what I need. I love learning about being Catholic and what the Church teaches and why. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

"I'm so glad the program is offered in Maryland. Thank you!
I came for the social aspect as I really needed some friends and was lonely. I love coming and learning about my faith, my Church and it has helped me cope with the way our world is turning away from God. It's encouraging to see so many women striving to love God in such a fallen world. I am very grateful to belong to such a wonderful program."

"From my first day at TASTE I knew that it was special. This is what was missing in my life. I am hooked on TASTE as it brings me closer to Jesus and His Church. The meditation songs are just what I need to hear every time and the quality of speakers is just excellent. What a wonderful program. You should have one in every dioceses."

It's NEVER too late to register.
Come and belong to a group of women who are being fed
solid Catholic teaching by priests and lay people on fire for their faith.

Classes continue EVERY Thursday until May 9, 2019

Come join us!

Hosted By:
St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church
114 St. Mary's Place
Laurel, Maryland 20707

You can become a member by registering online at anytime.


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