mary cookbook

Mary In Our Hearts and Homes

Released on The Blessed Mother's Birthday
September 8, 2013

Our Lady In Our Hearts and Homes contains:

110 saint biographies and apparitions

Catholic "Family Circus" Dividers

Saint quotes sprinkled throughout

Promotes a real love for Our Lady

Delicious recipes from busy moms

Marian devotions and ways to grow closer to Mary

A treasured gift I have is my Mom's recipes. This cookbook will also be a blessing to those who receive it. Not only does it share fantastic recipes but also the beauty and inspiration of the saints. This is a great, simple example of the New Evangelization. ~ Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, Evangelist/Author

"This lovely resource is so much more than just a cookbook - it's a living, breathing teaching tool which will bring our Faith to life in your Domestic Church, fostering a deeper love for Our Lady and the Saints in the hearts of your family. Feed your family -- heart, mind, body and soul -- with Our Lady In Our Hearts And Homes." ~ Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

"As mothers, it is essential to use every opportunity to nurture the Faith in our families. This cookbook offers a wonderful means to grow closer to Our Lady and the Saints while cooking with our children in the kitchen --great blessings!" ~Dr. Grace Marie Morrison, Founder of Pro-life group PrayFor and devoted wife and homeschooling mother of six

Cookbook is in Black and White.
Not all recipes have saints attached to them.